Film: 9542

Transport General | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Berlin transport, Modern traffic jams or chaos. Survey of old railways. Locomotive building. Buses. Commuter traffic in Berlin in West Germany. 'Hydrobus' 1980's

Shots of various modern systems of transport: diesel trains, huge boats, airplanes on the tarmac with heat waves rising around them, a busy highway at night, another motorway. A spinning tire, lorries driving, a car transporter, trains and lorries on the motorway to Hamburg. A car drives over a huge bridge. A traffic jam, excellent shot of people all along the road getting out of their cars. The very very smoggy city of Berlin with the transmission tower of Alexandrplaatz, the Berliner Dom, and the Reichstag visible. A man helps a woman on crutches across the street. AN old woman tries to cross the same street. More streets heavy with traffic.

Scientists working in a laboratory at Berlin University, testing models of cars or sitting at banks of buttons and dials. Excellent shot of railway tracks, shot from the bottom of a train car carriage as it flies along. An old carriage wheel turns. 'I Meile bis Berlin. A tiny model of a black and yellow carriage. Drawings of coach journeys. Iron foundries, the huge hot furnaces. Old steam locomotives, close -ups of the wheels. Auguste Borsig, still pictures, pictures of his foundry. A close-up of glowing coal. Still drawings of the factory. An early German train film. A train arrives, close-ups of turning wheels and steam rising. The train races the mail coach, the women riding in the outdoor carriages wave their handkerchiefs. Boughs of ivy and trees decorate the train carriages and the seats are packed. The borsig mansion. Berlin technical University. A U-Bahn carriage. The ruined columns of the Borsig office building on the University grounds. A train runs over rails in the snow. Then a fall landscape beside the railway lines. Riding on the U-bahn through Berlin. Passengers look bored. Tests for noise reduction on the underground network as parts run above ground. Diagrams of the underground train carriages and changes to be made to them. City streets at night, lots of car lights. A double decker bus at night with its lights on. The development of the the hydro bus. Good shots of night traffic. Lots of people looking bored, sitting in traffic jams, only one person is in the car. The scene of an accident, ambulance men in red overalls and a car with noe door open over the verge of the road, a sheet covering the grass (body underneath possibly? ) People standing on the shoulder of the motorway, heat waves rising, watching the scene of the accident, the traffic is backed up completely. The paramedics carry one of the casualties to a waiting helicopter. A man hits a crashtest dummy repeatedly on the head with a long stick. Crash test dummy tests in vehicles. A very fat German traffic policeman. Good face on shots of two men and one woman driving their cars. Testing drivers under the influence of different pharmaceuticals. A woman drives in a driving simulator. Backpackers boarding trains in Berlin. Everyone leans out the windows and waves from the departing train.

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