Film: 9546

Sport | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Film starts with action from the Wales v Presidents XY at Cardiff Arms Park in October 1970 to commemorate the opening of the new North Stand. We see JPR Williams breaking through the Presidents' defence for Wales, before being tackled. He releases the ball to John Taylor, who crosses the line for a try.

Film cuts to the television studio, where David Parry Jones sits with members of that Welsh side and officials from the Welsh RFU. He talks about that successful side and refers to the first international match of the 1970-71 season against the Presidents XY. We see an aerial picture of the Cardiff Arms Park before action from the match. The commentary on this match is by Bill McLaren.

We see a Welsh scrum and the ball being picked up by Wales' Mervyn Davies. He is tackled and a maul ensues. The ball is passed to Gareth Edwards, who sidesteps one defender before bursting through to dive over in the corner for a try. The action cuts to a Welsh line- out just in front of the Presidents' line. Edwards takes up his position as scrum half behind the line. From the Welsh throw by Matthias, the ball is won by their forwards, who press forward to the line, where Barry Llewellyn crashes over for a try, despite the attention of the opposition defenders. He finally gets to his feet from under a pile of players.

The action cuts to the second half and a Welsh line-out on the Presidents' 25 yard line. From the Welsh throw, the ball reaches Llewellyn, who bursts through the defence before being tackled just short of the line. From the ensuing maul the Presidents XY win the ball, but Spencer has to carry the ball over the line. This results in a scrum five yards from the line with the score at six-all. Scrum- half Edwards fields the ball from the scrum and releases Lewis, who crashes over for a try. Another scrum and Wales break with Mervyn Davies. He is tackled, and the loose ball is picked up by Derek Quinnell, who passes to Edwards, who in turn feeds Barry John. John is tackled but manages to pass the ball to Dave Morriss, who surges over for another try.

Cut to another Welsh scrum in front of the opposition posts. Mervyn Davies passes to Gareth Edwards, who drop kicks a goal. We see him running back to the Welsh half. Shot of Derek Quinnell standing in the line-out for a Welsh throw. Mervyn Davies taps the ball down to Dave Morris, who moves the ball to Arthur Lewis. He makes ground towards the line before being tackled, whereupon he releases the ball to John Dawes, who in turn passes to Barry John, who is forced into touch by Fielding. From the resulting lineout, Quinnell palms the ball to Edwards, who passes to Barry John, who drops a goal. A Welsh lineout and throw by Matthias is palmed down by Mervyn Davies to Edwards, who passes to Barry Joahn. John Dawes gets possession and passes to JPR Williams, who bursts through before being tackled. He releases the ball to Jeff Young, who passes for Jim Taylor who drives over for a try.

Cut back to the studio and Parry Jones after the win by 26-II. We see a picture of John Taylor in the studio in a three-piece suit and paisley tie, with large-collared paisley shirt. The conversation then moves to the bescpectacled president of the Welsh RFU, Kenneth Harris. They linger on about the wonderful Welsh victory before moving on to the match between Fiji and Wales in November 1970.

Cut to the action and a Figian player running with the ball before being tackled. Fiji with the ball and pass along the line. Two more un- successful sorties before they embark on a successful run that culminates in their number 15 crossing the line. Unfortunatley, the try is disallowed for what looks like a forward pass. The crowd at Cardiff Arms Park voice their disapproval. We see a scrum, then a shot of the grandstand. Another Fiji offensive is thwarted by Wales' John Bevan. The ball is punted over the line by a Fijian player. From the resulting Welsh line-out, Fiji tap down to their scrum-half and mount another attack. The ball travels along their backline before their number 15 dives over for a try. Cut to a Welsh line-out and Barry Llewellyn breaks towards the Fiji line for Wales. He is tackled just in front of the line, but the Welsh forwards are able to push him over for a try. Llewellyn finally rises from underneath a cauldron of bodies. Cut to crowd applauding, then a Welsh scrum. Wales manage to smother the Fijian scrum-half and win possession. Ian Hall crashes over for a try, and a Wales victory by 8 points to six.

Cut to the studio and Parry Jones, who then talks to Cliff JOnes, chairman of the Welsh RFU selectors. They discuss the previously shown two games and the two trial matches played before the start of the five nations tournament. Jones emphasises the team work shown in these games and Parry Jones moves onto the international between Wales and England on 16 January 1971, in which John Dawes was selected as Welsh captain. The match action then begins from the Cardiff Arms Park with an England line-out inside their 25 yard line. Wales palm the ball down to scrum-half Gareth Edwards, who feeds Barry John. John opens the scoring with a successful drop goal. Cut to shot of jubilant Welsh fans in crowd. From another line-out just in front of the Welsh line, Mervyn Davies looses possession from the tap-down and Bob Hannaford dives on the loose ball for an English try. A Welsh scrum inside the Enland 25 yard line sees Edwards retrieve the ball and pass to Barry Jaohn. He in turn releases the ball to Arthur Lewis, who is tackled by the England defence. Edwards picks up the loose ball and again feeds John. Onto JPR Williams, then Dodd, then Gerald Davies, who races through and dives over for a try. Shot of furiously cheering Welsh crowd. John Taylor successfully converts the try. Score shows 8-3 to Wales in the first eleven minutes. An English scrum twelve yards into their half results in Wales being penalised for off-side. A tap-kick and pass by Page to Wright, then Spencer, who falls to the ground after being tackled. Larter picks up the loose ball and feeds Wright, he in turn passes to Neary, who is tackled by Arthur Lewis. Delme Thomas wins possession for Wales and passes to Edwards, then onto John, whose run ends with a pass to John Bevan, who dives over for another Welsh try. Bevan trots back to his half, and the Welsh crowd are deliriously cheering the score. A Welsh crowd line-out 10 yards outside the English 25 yard line sees Bevan's throw palmed down to Edwards, who hoists the ball high into the air in front of the English posts. Rossborough fails to hold onto the ball and is barged over by Lewis, who passes to Dawes, then onto Gerald Davies for another Welsh try. Taylor again successfully converts, and the referee blows his whistle for half-time. Wales shown leading 16-3 as we cut to an English scrum. Wales concede a penalty and England's Page taps -on and passes to Wright, who hoists a garryowen into the Welsh half. John catches the ball and passes to Bevan. He runs down the wing, eluding Jannion's attempted tackle, and kicks forward to evade another English defender, Andy Hancock. He catches the ball and is tackled by David Duckham just before the line.

Cut to Welsh scrum and Edwards retrieves and kicks the ball forward. Hannaford is unable to hold onto the ball and is tackled by Edwards. From the ensuing maul, Bucknett passes the ball to Fairbrother, who passes to Page, then onto Wright, who attempts to advance down the wing despite the attention of Welsh defenders. The ball falls to the ground and a maul develops. Edwards manages to feed the ball out to Bevan, who is tackled by Hannaford. The loose ball is booted forward by Lewis, but England manage to put the ball into touch just in front of their line. From the subsequent Welsh line-out, the ball is palmed down to Edwards, who passes to John for another successful drop goal. Abrupt end. Commentary by Bill McLaren.

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