Film: 9549

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Java Indonesia Asia 1970's

Pink sky over hillside. Dawn: a man crosses a field, a rooster is heard from the background, a man is seen from the back outside a house .The call of the for morning prayer , muezzin, from an open window. Two women in the mist are crossing a field; someone is pouring coffee; a bird in a hanging cage. Close-up of a rooster eating. A horse and wagon pass by palm trees. Java traditional music is heard. A little girl is washing dishes by the river; a dancing hand; a man is leading two sheep; a girl is drawing water from the well; a baby is being washed; a woman taking clothes off the line. Close-up of a young girl. The girls are playing. In the street people are riding bikes and rickshaws. A horse and wagon cross over a railway line. A puppeteer and kids. Closing the street for the train to cross through. The train. A man is casting a fishing net skilfully over the waters. He catches some fish and puts a big one inside a separate net back in the water. The train crosses; people in the street as it opens again. An open shot of fields and mountains. Javanese music in the background; a car is approaching. Inside the car - people talking, looking out, it is broken down: a boy jumps out to bring a stone to wedge behind the wheel; he checks the car; they all come out to push it up the hill; the boy manages to get it started again, manually.
Four musicians in traditional costume are playing while walking around a cultivated field.

Zoom out to a wide view of the fields. Torrential rain: a truck is driving on a flooded road. The Chevrolet breaks down again; steam coming off the engine. The boy runs out in the rain to see it. Out in the woods, people are practising martial arts [ - tai-chi? ] to background trumpet & drumming & song. Two men are cutting wood; a close-up of the boy doing martial art. A man doing martial art dance. Close-up of trumpeter. 2 men are building a from the freshly cut wood; the legs of the dancer; close-up of a knife cutting into the wood, are helping to tie the wood together raft or boat is now on the water; feet running on it. 7 men are navigating with long poles [ punting? ]. Woman washing rice in the river inside a big woven straw bowl. Women are washing clothes in the river ; boys jump in for a swim. A train is crossing over a bridge. A close-up of a girl having her hair done. Musicians are playing songs; actor is putting on make-up. Musicians in close-up of hands. A puppet-show - 2 puppets in front of the puppeteer are fighting. A man in costume presents 2 dancers. Children in the audience also dance and laughing. The show continues with a theatrical piece - 3 boat man is looking for his monkey which we can see is near by.

While they stop for a picnic, talking about the missing monkey and eating a banana the monkey comes and, unbeknown to the man, takes his banana. The man is looking for him while woman is having her hair examined by the monkey, A man in the audience with a baby in his arms. The city - busy roads sound about. Close-up of a policeman. Cars passing by. A man on a radio broadcast. 3 singers. People trying their luck with a betting machine. One man succeeds: lots of coins are rushing out.
The four musicians playing to the crops again.

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