Film: 9551

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Travelogue of Japan 1960's

Credits roll over pictures of flowers and trees. Cut to city street. Trams, cars and taxis - busy. Tall buildings with Japanese script on the outside. Busy traffic-filled road - cars and bicycles. Busy pavement - most people in Western style dress. Cut to landscaped garden. People walk past small pond. Bird house and colourful trees. Children gathered. School party. Pan around City Tokyo skyline. Aerial view of highly cultivated garden with a stream and lots of trees. Pan around various features of landscaped garden. Woman in kimono walks through patio area and removes shoes before entering her house. Row of shoes. Small television set. Baseball mitt and ball. Silk screen with bird painted on. Flower arrangement Ikebana. Woman in kimono kneels at small table and writes haiku with a paintbrush. See finished paper. Woman reads haiku aloud. a forest in autumn. a rapid river. Winding road through forest. Shaft of light penetrates overgrown trees. Temple by riverside. Spring blossom on trees (plum trees). Temple garden near Kyoto. People sit on wooden stands. Large concreted "rock garden". Boy walking on rocky beach. He sits on large rock. Pan out to sea. Same shot at dusk. Close up of red star shaped flowers (maple leaves?). Cut to bare branches - winter. Snowy mountain in background. Black butterfly on yellow flower. Thin reeds in front of Mount Fuji. Cut to busy city street. Traffic policeman in blue uniform in U.S.A. Shops with signs in English behind him. People and buses. Japanese boy flies a kite. Freeze frame on boy. Seagulls fly over sea. Still pictures of 1. Snail, 2. red brick building 3. dandelion flower 4. tabby cat 5. ornamental pool 6. Children on swings 7. Plants.
Girl looks at plants and snail on plant. Boy rides bicycle away from school building. Teacher leaves by main door. Blonde girl in forest in dusk.

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