Film: 9555

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The sport of Golf in New Zealand 1970's

New Zealand coastline from air, aerial shots of St. Clair Golf Course in Dunedin. Close up of a golf club hitting a golf ball out of a bunker. Golfer putts and misses. Golfers tee off. Puts back turf that has been disturbed by tee shot. Point of view from hole as golfer lines up putt. He gets it in. Rotorua Golf Course sign. Women golfers photographed near flowers in Christchurch. More Christchurch golf courses. Golf course with snowy mountains in the distance (Southern Alps). Women golfers. Country golf courses. A golf course by the sea. General shots of golfers wandering round courses. Shots of greens at Titirangi. Golf club in Auckland. Close up of putter hitting ball. Aerial view of course, fairways and up to the green. Sun shining through blossom filled trees on Whakarewarewa Golf Course in Rotorua. Boiling mud pools including close ups on the Whakarewarewa Golf Course. More general shots of golfers. Wairakei Hotel International Golf course sign. Pan around beginning of course. Shot of green with Mt. Tauhara in the background. The legendary 14th hole of the Wairakei Golf Course. Second hole of the Wairakei Course. Golfer getting ready to putt into the second hole. Golfer takes a swing and the ball lands in a sand trap. Wairakei is an architecturally designed golf course. Sixth hole of the Wairakei Course. Discussion of best tee for the type of game a player wants. Golf bags lined up outside club house. World Airlines Annual Tournament held at Wairakei. More shots of golfers teeing off, getting out of bunkers, walking around the course including an old man and a young woman in a short skirt. Woman in huge flares pull a trundler with a golf bag. Notice board of tournaments held around New Zealand. New Zealand Amateur Championships being played at the Manukau Golf Club, shot of spectators watching players at the 18th hole. Aerial view of the flat Manukau Golf Course with Manukau Harbour. Lands End water hole at Manukau course where players have to hit the ball 200 yards over a tidal inlet. More shots of players at varying stages of the golf course. Sprinklers water the greens at Shirley Golf Course in Christchurch, South Island. Gates of Christchurch Golf Course and the club house. View from club house onto 18th green. Ducks in the foreground of the view of the course. More general shots including rural golf courses. Closing shots of more golf courses. Aerial shot of Queenstown with Remarkables mountain range in the background and the golf course in the foreground.

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