Film: 9567

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Children's Adventure story with fishing 1970's

Girl wears glasses. She walks through a town (French?) and goes to a river. The twin boys are fishing. She wants them to leave so she calls to a cow which comes running over. The twins jump in the river. The girl laughs and tells the cow to go back to the herd. The girl sits down to fish. The twins come back in clean clothes and they fish from a boat. There is a thunderstorm and the boat fills with water. They fall back in the river. The girl continues to fish in the rain. A gypsy caravan. A gypsy boy plays the recorder. He has a baby chimp monkey. The girl puts her glasses on to see him but he seems to have disappeared. He hid up a tree. Back in the village the twins are being told off for being covered in mud. The gypsy caravan at night. The girl dreams of the recorder music and fish. Next day she goes back to the river to fish. The twins are not allowed out. The gypsy boy and the chimp watch the girl fish. She falls asleep. The gyspy boy catches two trout and attaches them to the girls line. She wakes up to find she has caught two fish. She is delighted and walks proudly through the village. She sees the gypsy caravan and hears the recorder music. The girl watches the gyspy boy leave.

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