Film: 9576

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Paris, France from Eiffel Tower 1940's Panoramas. We come down to earth. 'This is Paris after the years of war' in 1948.

Women look at souvenirs - models of Tower, postcards. Shots of Notre Dame, Madeleine, Arc de Triomphe, Opera. Men are seen cleaning statues of Louis XIII and others. Plinths of some statues, chrome, then bronze statues (war?) - Victor Hugo, Shakespeare, Voltaire. View of Paris from Montmartre, Statue of Liberty, Palais de Luxembourg with its gardens. Men play 'Boule' - but with croquet mallets. View of large building - the Archives, statues of French kings and queens. Close-up of some old documents. Stills of wedding of Louis XIV and of Napoleon to Marie Thorate. Close-up of George Washington. Close-up of American Constitution - letter from George Washington. Views of Seine - several bridges. Notre Dame. Booksellers' stall on the quays. Next, a woman has a 'facial' treatment. Models display hats and fancy shoes, handbags. Clothes. Display of jewellery. Grand parade of mannequin.

Views of Paris in early post-war years. Main 'sights' and also the Archives and contents. Fashion of 1948-50 are shown.

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