Film: 9579

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Transformation of farm land into a new community in Chicago. The planning of a new town on a green field site in the USA 1970's

Aerial shot of fields and a farm. Close up of dug-up ground. Shots of various machines digging up ground. Machine picks up steel girders. Close up Building being knocked down. Foundations of a building. Shot moves up to a skyscraper, a crane in front of it. Shot of skyscrapers in an area from below. A building being demolished in front of a skyscraper. Aerial shots, a city moves out to suburban areas. View across a field to a new town. Rolling acres. A boy rides bike through fields. Sign on a brick wall - village manager, village clerk, building commissioner. People walk past the town hall. Fire station. Close up of fire engines. View along street with low level shopping centre. People walking. Building with sign 'Medical center' View above of swimming pool. Close up of people in pool and diving board. Shots of people diving and swimming. Views of green fields moving along. Close up man driving a van, fields through window. Young boy also sits in van. Man and boy walk through fields. Shots across fields, tractor in distance. Close up man and boy. A farmer looks across fields. Shots of wooden farmhouse and farming equipment. Close up farmer. Digging machines move across ground, close ups. Farmer watches digging machines. Workmen on the site. Close up earth being dug. Old wheel from an old cultivator brought to top. Workman picks it up and throws it away. Man walks around site. Various close ups of machines. Close up of a plan. Man and another man point to plan - engineers. Close up of legend on plan. Boy climbs to top of mound of earth. Close up of a machine digging a well. Men operate it. Various shots of parts of machine and operators. Machine laying pipes into ground. Close up of pipe machine digging lines for cables. Men put cable in the ground. Two men on top of a pylon. Various shots attaching cables. View of power lines into distance. Site with lots of materials in it for houses and workers. Shot moves across foundations. Men take measurements. Cement falls down a chute. A crane lifts ready-made or prefabricated walls with windows into place. Shots of houses in various stages of construction. Distance shot across houses. A large lorry close up drives through muddy site loaded with steel girders. Girders lifted off close up. Shots of factory being constructed. Large sign in field - Shopping Center to be developed here. Landau & Heyman Inc. Chicago. Shot of a partly built shopping centre. Shots of a partly built church and partly built school. Close ups of pavements and streets being cemented. Shots of a machine laying tarmac. Various shots of partly built houses. Exterior of factory, nearly finished. Boy and woman walk past nearly finished houses, people in gardens. Boy rides bicycle around finished new town, past houses along residential roads. A black family in their front garden. Sign on door 'Polling Place'. Interior of large hall, tables, people and polling booths. Boy outside old abandoned farm, shots of old farm. School bus outside school, children get off bus.. Shot across fields, a road with a fire engine, shot moves to old farmhouse on fire. Distance shots of lots of people standing in the street. Shots of farmhouse on fire. Close up boys watching. Smoke gong upwards. Close up band in uniform walking down street. Huge crowds of people, close ups of various parts of crowd. View across field to the new town. Aerial shot of the new town. Aerial view moves across open country, with a few farmhouses. Aerial shots of huge freeways, crossing over each other in all directions, flyovers.

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