Film: 9584

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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An Introduction to Digital Computers

A computer operator sits at a digital computer console. An animation film showing that early man started to use computers , it also shows the abacus used in China and models for counting such as those invented by Napier (1617), Pascal (1642), Leibniz (1694), Babbage (1812), Shewtz (1853) and Eniac(1946). An American city road showing a tall glass building, some people are walking on the pavement and a few 50's cars on the road. A board meeting. A chemistry laboratory. A chemical factory. A rocket launch site. Close up of a rocket. A computer room with a digital computer. Close up of the electronic components of a computer. A 1950's or 1960's Television set. Transistors. dials, vacuum tubes resistors. A short animation describes computer categories: analogue and digital, analogue computers are used just as measuring devices while a digital computer counts digits and uses a binary system. Animated electronic circuitry. Explanation of the binary system used by digital computers. Computer printout showing binary code (numbers). A Univac computer reading card. Punched input equipment used for punched paper tape and magnetic tape. Close up of a punched card. Punched tape being read frame by frame. Magnetic tapes. Animated representation of the magnetic tape. Close up of the punched tape being read by a digital computer. Animation showing how punched tape is read. Close up of magnetic tape. Animation showing how magnetic tape is read . Animation showing how information is processed by the computer. Close up of the computer memory (magnetic drum and magnetic core). Animation explaining how the magnetic drum and the magnetic core work. Close up of the magnetic core. Close up of an early microchip. Animation explains how the computer's internal operations are controlled. The controls of a digital computer. Animation comparing manual work versus computer work (uses filling tax returns as an example). Close up of a digital computer's control console. A computer room. Animation describing how computer uses the binary system to process information. Close up of electronic hardware, simple basic programming is exemplified. A computer operator sits at a computer console. Close up of the operator's console. Close up of another part of the computer console. A computer operator is using the computer. A computer programmer is drawing computer programmes. Close up of the programming plans. Animation describing computer programming and how it can be applied to fill in tax returns. Close up of a Univac printer. Close up of printouts. Close up of printing. A digital computer console. A computer programmer is entering the programme into the computer. Computer instructions (code for programming). Animation attempts to explain instruction of sequential events, it then follows a summing up of how digital computers work. Pages of computer programmes. Digital computers with computer operators. A factory. A tall building. A chemistry laboratory. The inside of a factory. A missile launching site, missile is launched. Computer manufacture at Remington Rand Univac. More images of digital computers. An air force air control room. Univac computers hardware. A board room meeting. Another digital computer. Magnetic tape. A man writing with a pencil. A man looking down a microscope. A chemistry Laboratory.

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