Film: 9592

Aviation | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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An American promotional including 1960's views of airports, airline practices, aviation, airplanes, and nice clips of people, places, travel, and a variety of cultures. Includes narration.

00:00:00 Close up of red blinking light. Close view of an older gentleman, a hotel or apartment concierge (potentially for the Sutton Hotel), blows a whistle on a chain and takes the whistle out of his mouth. Concierge approaches an arriving taxi and opens the rear door, turns and walks towards camera. Concierge picks up three pieces of luggage and the camera follows, point of view as if the camera is the person, and follows the concierge as he walk to the taxi or cab and enters the taxi. View from inside the taxi of the concierge placing the luggage or bags into the taxi, shuts the door, and says "Have a good trip", camera pans to taxi driver who begins to drive the taxi down a bustling New York City night time street scene, including passing The Broadway Theatre on the right (showing The Girl Who Came to Supper starring Florence Henderson which opened on December 8, 1963). Point of view of busy traffic on a New York City street in the United States of America (U.S.A.). Montage of city scenes of driving in Manhattan and New York City at night time and to the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) (poorly exposed scenes).

00:01:02 Exterior of the Pan American terminal. Point of view from the taxi arriving at an airport terminal at JFK International Airport in New York, New York, a uniformed man opens the door to the taxi and takes out the luggage as the cameraman follows and films the man carrying the luggage. Pan American terminal interior at JFK Airport with an airport stewardess briefly approaching and greeting the camera. Luggage on a conveyor belt. Close up of an airline ticketing desk with two airline employees sorting tickets. Close view of a woman's hands putting an airline ticket into a Pan Am ticket envelope. Fastening luggage tags to leather suitcases. Suitcases on a conveyor belt. A female ticket agent in uniform stands behind a ticket desk, the cameraman hands her the ticket. Close view of ticket agent picking up a telephone.

00:01:40 Pan Am airlines ticket desk, a female ticket agent is writing on the passenger ticket, the camera pans up to the female uniformed ticket agent who is talking to the passenger (off camera). View of male legs and shoes, camera follows the man to the airline gate "1202" where a male airline employee or airline pilot stands behind a desk. Close view of "1202", camera pans right to close view of airline pilot who smiles and talks to the camera, looks down, and says "thank you" to the camera. Ticket is handed back to the passenger (from point of view of camera), camera exits the airport through a door at the airplane gate. View of the airline passenger walkway, the camera walks towards the airplane on left to board the plane, with a flight attendant standing in centre of frame the camera, passenger boards the airplane, interior of an airplane. Fastening seatbelt on lap, camera pans up to airplane window.

00:02:43 Opening Credits

00:03:14 Passenger instructions on an airplane, passenger takes in-flight magazine "Clipper" and reads it, including articles on Curacao and Colorado, camera fades on image of Colorado. Fence and grassy baseball field. Child's swing. Brooklyn Bridge. Manhattan skyline, New York, U.S.A. Office desk, camera zooms to memo on desk stating "Please see me at once." The legs and feet of a businessman pacing in an office. Close of older man in black eyeglasses. Businessman sits at a desk talking with another man. Close of up file on desk saying "San Francisco Report". Metal cigar box, the older man takes out a cigar. Older businessman lights and smokes a cigar. City buildings and construction site. Montage of skyscraper windows and buildings. Point of view of driving in Manhattan and Manhattan skyscrapers including the Empire State Building, camera zooms in on building windows. Busy street scene in New York, close up of red traffic signs that say "Wait" and "Stop", montage of traffic signs, New York cityscape seen through the rear view mirror. Car radio. Street lights and signs in New York. Montage of close up of car radio, pin up woman, and driving in New York. Automobiles driving at night time towards camera with headlights on. Flashing bulb light.

00:06:24 Road sign "No entry" camera pans to close up of woman wearing a scarf and a man. Nice busy street and pedestrian scenes in 1960s, including businessmen, homeless man, and groovy dressed women in 1960's fashion. British uniformed officers on horseback. Asian farm worker with a conical straw hat carrying flowers. Woman with flowered 1960s fashionable hat and black framed glasses. Aged woman with flowered 1960s fashionable hat. British police officer in uniform. British Royal Guard in uniform. Navy officer in uniform. Well dressed man in top hat and moustache. Older man with hat. Two Bolivian children with knit hats. Man walking with umbrella. Street scene in Vietnam or Hong Kong. Montage of street scenes, including Bolivians with traditional bowler hats, or bombins and a nun. Montage of legs and feet relaxing. Venice canal boat scene of buildings. Gold or bronze metalwork. Arched window. American doorstep. Entryway with a large white porcelain or ceramic dog in doorway. Bronze knocker on a door in shape of a fish. Door handle. Hanging laundry in fire escapes. Montage of wooden homes, windows, light fixtures.

00:08:25 Point of view of driving the Manhattan skyline. Close up of skyscrapers. Exterior of skyscraper with ornate doorway. Exterior of the Manufacturers Hanover Trust building in Manhattan. Montage of exterior of shops. Iron gate in front of an impressive stone building with flowers in windows. Jewellery shop with the Empire State Building and American flag in the reflection of the window. Montage of store window fronts, with men's and ladies shoes and accessories for sale. Ceramic vases. Ceramic sculptures. Window display of hats, camera pans down to right to window of brassiere shop. Montage of manufactures shop windows and signs. Newspapers and magazines for sale. Italian voting posters. Advertisement "Get Yourself a New Man For Christmas". Close up of torn posters and advertisements. Still drawing of a woman driving a car. Close up of a still windshield advertisement, where the windshield is cracked. Photographs magazine advertisements, including of a shirtless man with a white towel or cloth draped on his head and a vacuum cleaner ("A cleaner that cares for carpets"). Close up of newspaper personal ad "A way with women". Close up of rotary telephone. Man, with just trousers and shoes visible, walking towards camera. Typewriter. Female operator sits at a desk eating and reading the newspaper before transferring a call and answering the telephone. Close up of operator with her reflection in a mirror. Close up of messy desk and a man tying his foot on the desk. Close up of typed letter on a typewriter, typist rubs out a mistake. Blonde woman in heels and pantyhose walking away from camera down a long corridor. Close up of tear in pantyhose. Blonde woman with 1960s hair looks down at camera. Blonde woman in heels and pantyhose walking away from camera down a long corridor. Reading a newspaper including a bodybuilding or muscle advertisement. Close up of older man with brown hair reading the newspaper advertisement of the male bodybuilders while pushing a cart. Man runs cart into boxes and knocks over the boxes which breaks glass jars.

00:11:01 Close up of brunette flight attendant asking "Would you like coffee? Would you like sugar?", camera pans down right to tray with a coffee cup and coffee which is set on the tray table on the airplane, camera zooms into coffee. Close up of rotary telephone at the Plaza. Pan Am brochures, camera pans right across brochures which include the Caribbean, Europe, Jamaica, and South America. Close up of a calendar (in Italian). Beautiful sunset view over water and a port city. Close up of calendar (in Italian). Castle landscape scene with castle at right of frame and grass and valley to the left. Close up of calendar. View of ancient monuments in Burma (Myanmar) and monks. Close up of calendar. View of still photo of geishas in Japan. Nice long montage of Pan Am print advertisements and promotional calendars and promotional materials in different languages, including Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian.

00:13:12 Radio montage, including a female photographer standing overlooking a street scene from a balcony. View of Mediterranean village and water from balcony. View of radio on a table and tea in a Mediterranean setting. View of radio on a table, red drink, and a cigarette in a snowy setting, a woman leans from a chair and picks up the red drink from a wicker chair as camera pans left to snowy landscape scene with pine trees. Passengers walking across an airport walkway. British royal guardsmen military band in a parade, marching from left to right. Point of view of driving in Paris on the Champs de Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe. Gondolas and gondoliers in Venice. Asian fisherman paddling a boat in dramatic landscape. Impressive boat scene in Asia with numerous young men standing on the boat and paddling it with their feet in front of an temple or impressive building. Point of view on a boat of a sunset scene and fisherman. Bridge and water. Farmer with ox in the water pulling a boat. Three women using large pieces of wood to compact unseen material in the trunk of a tree. Workers in Bolivia with straw packs on their backs hauling goods and walking from right to left of scene. Asian woman blessing a shrine or idol with water while children watch. Snake charmer attempts to kiss a cobra snake, the snake recoils (and bites his foot?), then allows the man to touch his nose to the snake.

00:14:20 Close up of rotary phone dial and hand dialling numbers. Close up of man talking into the telephone facing camera. Close up of man talking into the telephone facing with back to camera. Close up of male chin and phone receiver. Montage of circles showing various scenes in the frame against a black background. Close up of flowers. Montage of furniture and office space. Close up of Pan American sign. Clever montage of puzzle pieces, starting from black background with pieces added one by one to make up Pan American waiting room scene. Pan American waiting room or lobby. Airline workers at the Pan American desks. Close up of male and female airline staff, including name badges and talking on the telephone. Nice montage of customer service people (both men and women) smiling and talking on telephone. Close up of Pan American ticket folder as the airline employee takes the ticket out of the envelope. Man writing in a ledger. Nice montage of close up of filling out airline tickets. Close up of handling luggage or suitcases and putting baggage tags on them. Pan American airline worker with flashlight and baseball hat inspects the airplane. Pan American airline worker in a crane at the tail of the airplane. Pan American airline workers fix the engine. Captain examining the underbelly or underside of an airplane. Technician fixing an airplane engine. Catering cart "Clipper Cuisine" and a Pan American airplane. Montage of airline technicians filling the airplane with gasoline, loading luggage, fixing the wheels, and the captain.

00:17:01 Nice montage of the interior of an airplane, including seats, ceiling, seat pockets, and cabin. Interior of airplane toilet and wash hand basin. Carving meat. Exquisite tray of food being prepared by the airline crew, hostesses, or stewardesses. Close up of fancy airline food, including caviar, roast meats, and wine.

00:17:55 The sun with clouds. Nice montage of the exterior of a Pan American aircraft. Montage of airplanes taxiing on a runway. Pan American airplane takes off. Nice montage of exterior of Pan American ticket offices in England and several countries (Nepal, Vietnam, Peru, England, Hong Kong, Italy, Bolivia, USA, Burma, Spain, Japan, France, Portugal), a pan American bus in Italy drives in front of Roman ruins. Point of view from a car of the Pan American ticket office on the Champs de Elysees in Paris. London double decker bus drives towards camera and in front of the Pan American ticket office in London, U.K. British Pan American billboard. Disembarking the airplane from point of view of passenger, two airline stewardesses greet the camera. Airline captain. View of the Pan American building (now the MetLife Building) in New York, U.S.A.

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