Film: 9599

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Contemporary art of the 1960's

Credits and scenery of countryside in the background. Pictures of the engraver GUSTAVE MARCHOUL from the beginning of his career (Pictures) to his final interest: engraving. Abstract art strongly influenced by the painter REMBRANDT. Gustave Marchoul himself upside down through a metal plate etching, smoking a cigarette, with his tools around it. His hand drawing on the metal with a pencil. Close-up of the first stage of the process. He then sketches shadows of his work, still with a pencil. He sprinkles (sep in) powder on the plate and melts it. Then, he varnishes certain parts in order to prevent them from being attacked by the nitric acid, the next stage. Plate into a basin of nitric acid. He takes off the black layer produced by the acid then he continues to draw using a thin (burin???) He finishes the plate by scraping some parts of it. To print the plate, he spreads black ink all over it, puts a sheet of paper on it and squeezes the whole thing through a roll. End of the process of screen or plate printing.
Some sculptures of CHRISTIAN LEROY. On some of them, you can only distinguish their shapes due to lighting. (mainly human bodies). Close-up of sculpted faces. Face of a woman who is going to be his model in the film. He starts by putting some clay around a framework. He sculpts a rough shape of his model's face. Then we see his work evolve and the way in which he completes his sculpture without the original model. He copies the sculpture by making a cast. He then moves on to pottery. He makes a vase using a manual tray, another kind of sculpture by using wax. His last piece in the film is a statuette representing a naked woman. This time he polishes the material which enables him to create a delicate and precise work.
Different stages in the creation of one of ROGER DUDANT's paintings. (abstract style). Roger Dudant viewing his first works while he was still studying. (influenced by Picasso, Miro, George Braque). Some of his work after having followed a drawing course. Pictures straight and composed. Scenery of the countryside where he lives which will influence his following paintings. Canals and trees then pictures of swamps, marshes at dawn (still in an abstract style). Shot of him painting. Close-up of his hand using a paintbrush. Use of several layers. Evolution of one of his works of art (in colour).

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