Film: 9602

Feature Drama | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Rixensart Castle 1960's

Close up of a stick and hat on shelves (cloakroom). People clapping in a concert hall. Camera stares at one woman in the audience, staring herself at the players. Shot from below to a violin player who bends to thank the audience, takes a bow. Close-up of face of woman who seems in love with this violinist. Close up of the man's violin. Close-up of his face smiling modestly. Close-up of the woman's chest. Roses in the violinist's dressing room. Picture of him on a black piano. Him closing his door's room after an admirer. The artist sits down at a table and starts reading a piece of paper. He talks to a man who seems to be his agent or his friend while he is still reading. A third man comes in and leaves a message for the violinist. Close up of leather handbag and sunglasses held to it in a train moving. (Fussy scenery in the background) Close up of a woman's hands knitting then her face (old woman). Man's hands rubbing against each other. Close-up of another man's face staring at the man's hands (same cab). Another man smoking a cigarette and with a newspaper in his hands is staring at the same guy wondering what he is doing. Close-up to the man's face (the one who rubs his hands) who turns out to be the violinist. He seems upset. After having realised that everyone in the cab is staring at him, he stops with embarrassment. He looks at the window. One of the men stands up and leaves the cab. He turns back and gives a quick glimpse to the violinist. Train shakes and the old woman complains. Man reading a newspaper while is smoking. Violinist's face looking at the train leaving the station. (shot from the platform). Same man walking through the station. He seems to look for his way. A man talks to him. They talk without looking at each other. A chauffeur is cleaning the front of an expensive black car. Branches in the foreground and road with luxurious car in the background. Two men in the back seats of the car. Carriage entrance of a castle. The car goes through. Sculpted bars doors in the foreground and the same car in the background. The car stops. The chauffeur opens the back door and the violinist comes out looking at the property. Shot of the property. (kind of keep). A manservant opens a metal gate to greet the guest. Servant picks up the violinist's luggage and closes the gate behind him. Interior of the castle. Two rifles on the wall above the stairs. Two men talking at the bottom of the stairs. Violinist examining a luxurious walking stick. The climb the stairs. Tapestry on the wall. Servant carrying a complete suit for the guest. Servant and other man leaving the guest alone in his bedroom. He takes off his scarf. Shot of part of the castle through the bedroom window, Picture on the wall. Shot of ground floor from first floor (top stairs). The guest is going down to join a man who waits for him (bottom stairs). The butler opens what seems to be a livingroom door and asks the guest to come in. Butler closes the door behind him. Close up of a hand holding a paintbrush and picture of a woman's face. Then we see the painter, the whole picture and the model standing, a tapestry in the background. Close-up of the guest's face then shot of the whole scene, the guest's back in the foreground (left corner). The model comes to the guest becoming close to the painter, who still draws her. Model and guest talking. Model asks painter to leave the room. Model (princess) and guest talking face to face sit on chairs with fireplace in the background. Guest rubs his hands. The man stands up and moves all over the room in a nervous way. He still talks to the princess and seems to be frightened and threatened. Close up of woman's face. She seems sorry and fascinated at the same time. Close-up of a luxurious bouquet (foreground) and huge dining room in the background. The camera then moves to the left to shoot a long table with the princess and the violinist on either side, face to face and the butler at the top of it. Room full of pictures and tapestries (ceiling included). Servant comes in carrying a tray and walks round the table to serve the princess then he comes to the guest. Close-up of butler's face watching the scene. Shot of dishes. Camera moves back and leaves the room. Corridor with pictures and windows. Guest and princess are now talking in the corridor. They are back to the painting room. Shot of princess looking at her portrait. Princess looking at her guest through a mirror. He is staring at her. She sits down. Since she appeared in the film, she has been wearing a muff throughout. Wood burning in the fireplace. Then she stands up again. He comes to her and starts touching her muff. Close-up of it. She pushes him back. Outdoor shot at night with princess and violinist walking together (castle in the background). Someone is carrying a flaming torch but we can only see the torch in the foreground. Princess and violinist again indoors, side by side. Princess wearing cloak with hood. She is in the cellar. Someone drives an axe into a piece of wood in the foreground. Face of the man who is holding the axe. Close up of the princess's face, frightened. Close-up of an old nurse's face. Someone is about to switch on a machine. Violinist put his hand on a tray. The machine turns out to be an electric saw. A man switches it on. Shot of a hand held by a metallic piece and saw in motion. Close-up of princess's face, giving an order by a brief movement. The violinist's hand is being cut off. Nurse's face horrified. Telephone ringing in princess's bedroom. She picks it up. Shot of the bed and bedroom. She talks then hangs up the telephone and leaves the bedroom. Main entrance. Car is parked in front of it. Princess comes out of the castle and gets into the car. She is at the wheel. She starts up and moves off. Close-up of statue's face and car moving away in the background. Typewriter being used. She is at the police station. A policeman is questioning her. He is reading her statement. The nurse is present and seems nervous. Close up of the nurses hands. Princess stands up and leaves the office. Bunch of roses in the castle. A man is doing something near the fireplace. Princess comes in and looks at the violinist lying on a sofa. His hands are bandaged but, surprisingly, still here. She talks to a doctor. Doctor leaves the room. Princess takes off her coat. She kneels next to him. He wakes up, stares at her hands and he smiles gently.

The End

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