Film: 9604

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Belgium 1960's

A Sabena aeroplane flying in to Brussels airport; inset in bottom left corner, an aerial shot of Brussels; inset bottom right corner, a pan along official buildings by a river; the plane continues, and flies over the camera; inset top left, a shop or a stall in a marketplace; inset top right, aerial shot of dome. The plane comes in to land; bottom left corner aerial shot of city; a different one in top left; plane flies over camera; aerial shot in bottom left; a man outside a building in bottom right; top right, the dome again; top left, pan up tall office building, possibly skyscraper; bottom right, the official building and clock tower from on land; top right, aerial shot of river.

Lights in the shape of flowers. A field of flowers. More lights. Purple flowers. A plane flying overhead. Pink flowers. Machinery, perhaps in the cockpit of the aeroplane. The pink flowers in front of the purple flowers. Plane coming in to land on a runway surrounded by grass field. Film company logo. View from underneath the landed plane; the airport building and flight of steps leading to plane door. People leaving the plane. Title: "Le Coeur de L'Occident".

From a distance, people leaving the plane, and walking over to a coach. The wheels of the coach as it moves off. A rotating globe, with two metal statues on something that holds it. An atlas map of Belgium. Screens and television machines in a studio or gallery room. A man working at a control panel at Eurovision headquarters - European television union. Another man working, a pipe in his mouth. A man with headphones on. A row of four television screens.
Pan up an old Belgian office building in Brussels and over it to a view of the city, then around in a circle to show the entire city.

Flowers at a stand on a street corner. Two old women walk past the flowers. The high walls of the Bank of Brussels; pan right to a hairdresser. A tall building as seen through a glass ceiling. Pan up from a city street to the sky. A field in the countryside; hedge boundaries, a forest in the background. A castle in the city. View of a river and a cottage through a castle window. Wheat or corn blowing in the wind, at an angle. Crops again. Calm water in a river, a wall at its bank, a bridge going over it.

Transport ships move down the river, factories on the bank. Railway tracks outside a factory; zoom into it. The factory. Overhead view of the city, with skyscrapers, a river going through it, bridges; pan around to an industrial area. Looking down stone steps, which a few people walk up and down; residential houses. People walk across the road at the bottom of these steps; a marketplace can be seen; pan up a monument. Many large stone pillars outside an old building; cars parked.

A forest, as seen from a moving road vehicle, sunlight shining through the trees. Waves breaking and crashing; pan out to a wider view of the sea. A long beach, waves crashing against the shore. A river winding through flat ground with grass on it. A river; on the near shore, a sign on the grass. Reflections on the rippling water; move up to show the view is from a moving boat; a canal goes past old buildings. A river between and below trees. Trees overhead; sky visible between branches. Part of a bridge jutting over the water; swans swimming on the river in the distance; trees hanging above. An old stone building next to a canal; a bridge over the water; willow trees in the distance. Trees on a bank by the river; white buildings to the right.

The spire of a castle; move down to the arch at the entrance. A barred gate at the entrance. Move up from a stone statue of a baby with a ball to a tower at the top of the castle. A coat of arms on a canvas. A gold sculpture of that coat of arms; move up to a statue of a lion. A sculpture of a king holding his hands together on top of his tomb. A painted statue. That statue from the front, in front of purple and gold wallpaper. A tree; a house behind over the river; many buildings the other side; a statue.

A painting of boats on the river or sea by a port. A painting of a huge sail ship. A model of a ship on a table. A large model. Close up on the model ship. Model; windows behind. A huge ship at port called the "Nordfarer". A net being dragged along the dock. Net being dragged over camera. A vehicle driving onto a wide piece of wood with hooks and strings and such above it. Crates or packages being lifted off a vehicle and stacked. The vehicle on the wood being lifted onto the ship. People lift the crates. A bridge by the sea.

A tall office building; cars parked by the river; river full of ships. Ship in river. Pull out from a ship on the sea to see many boats by the pier. White fence and a white bridge by water. A statue of Christ on the cross, seen through an arch; zoom out to show the castle. A statue of two people looking upwards at someone on a plinth, by the river. The giant on the plinth; castle behind. The tops of old buildings. A group of pigeons on the ground. Pigeons. A hand feeding pigeons. A boy feeding them. A large group of them fly off. A very tall building. Clouds in the sky. Plants on fire. Rapid montage of drawings of battles, with smoke and flames superimposed, occasionally intercut with burning grass.

A stone statue of two warriors holding a flag. Close-ups of a painting of severely deformed men. The painting from further out. A close-up of one person. Another. Another. A painting of many people in a wide street, the ground and the roofs of houses covered with snow. Painting of men with dogs on the snow in a forest on a hill above the town. Painting of a ceremonial occasion. Closer up on the painting. Three specific details. Paintings on a wall. A large tapestry on a wall. A painting or a tapestry on a wall. A detail; woman holding baby. Tapestry of woman holding baby. Painting of the table of the Last Supper. Detail; hands writing on paper. A portrait of a man. A woman. A young woman with very fair hair. Painting of woman standing in front of city.

Metal statues on a building inside wall. Close-up on a few statues of men. Another part. Another; pan down to man looking upwards. A gold cross. Elaborate jewellery displayed over a bejewelled clock. Two stained glass windows. A pulpit, or a chair in the church. A sculpture of a man's head. The top of a clock tower. The clock tower as seen through a glass ceiling. A Belgian flag on a pole. A statue of a military general. Another statue. Another. Another. Another.

A painting of people looking across a river at a factory with steam blowing from its chimneys. A model train. A train going past a station platform. The view from the back of a train; trains lines and junctions. The view from the right hand side of a train; forest, power lines, fields. View from back of train. From right hand side; trees and fields. A bridge in the city; tall buildings either side. A bridge over the river, seen from the right hand side of a car; roads either side of the river. The bridge joining up with the other main road. View from front of car going under a tunnel and coming out again. Statue; main road.

Pan around the city from a high building. View from front of car on city centre road. Pan across marketplace to main road past a bus. A skyscraper. Official buildings, one with a flag flying from it, ornately carved. Screens and machines from the beginning. Credit. Rolling credits.

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