Film: 9606

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Dustbowl America 1960's

A tumbleweed journeys across the USA and ends up burned in a dump.
A ball of tumbleweed literally blows across the desert, arid landscape of USA. Good clips of long straight desert roads, with a single truck or car driving along. A station wagon pulls up in a petrol station, the tumbleweed is sitting on the roof rack. The driver throws it off and it continues on its journey. An abandoned and dilapidated settlement. A lone man walks along a straight road in the rain, "chased" by the tumbleweed. Kids chase the weed down a hill and through it over a wire fence, one child looks thoughtfully after the tumbleweed. It blows along a railway line before being caught under a train. It gets dropped in a railway yard where lots of trains and carriages wait. The weed ends up in a busy city blowing down the streets, traffic pass, people walk around, neon lights and signs. It rains. The road is now snowy and a person rings Christmas bells on the street. The tumbleweed gets caught in a fence then rescued by a mother and son. They spray paint it and cover it in decorations for Christmas. Good street footage of it once again blowing around the city streets after Christmas. It ends up on the back of a wagon and taken to the land fill tip, where it is burned.

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