Film: 961

Railways | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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How to start a railway locomotive engine 1970's

The process of raising steam on a locomotive, using LNER 'A1' 4-6-2 No 4472 Flying Scotsman as a demonstration of what is involved. A training film for railway preservationists. Man places pieces of wood in engine's smoke box to start the process of lighting the fire. Three times flammable liquid is poured onto a shovel and rags whch are placed where the fire will be. Man light rags and places them inside smoke box. Another rag is saturated and lit and placed in the fire. Two shovels of coal are placed in fire box. Engineer cleans and oils the engine's wheels. Caps screwed back on tightly. Engineer climbs onto front of Flying Scotsman and oils some more parts. Man clambers under front of engine and does some more oiling. Shovels of coal bing thrown into the fiercly burning firebox. Man opens front of locomotive and peers inside. On footplate bras handles being turned, gauges moving. Reservoir and Train Pipe gauges rising. Train driver pulls handle and train starts to move. Close up of wheels as they turn and move off. Nice shot of engine slowly passing camera position, a couple of specators off to the side. Close up of a pick breaking up large chunks of coal. Long shot of a conveyorfeeding coal into the tender. Three men and a woman feed the tender. Man turns a handle and the engine is watered. Very good shot of the blazing fire. Shovelling coal. View from cab backwards down train and carriages as it travels. Shot forwards.

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