Film: 9612

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Close-ups of babies and mothers in a hall. A girl in a short flowery dress and long dark hair steps out of a caravan with a pot of tea and a tray of cups. A blonde haired boy eats a 99 ice cream and grins at the camera. Ice cream pots, brightly coloured drink bottles in a row. A flashing red sign reads "Proceed with extreme caution, emergency". A farmer and three policeman walk behind turkeys on a farm. A solemn looking girl with red hair has ice cream all over her face.
A man interviews various people in the street who have small children and babies and the camera focuses on them.
Sign for "Wreaths made to order". An ambulance parks. Close-up of turkeys milling about. A couple of old men in a dark living room. Coloured balloons released into the air at a rally or protest in the street. A man talks through a megaphone, photographer takes pictures. Pair of hands count coins and put them into piles. A swan plunges its head in and out of the water in a river. People preparing for a fox hunt, men in red hunting jackets on horses and hounds gathered. A man brings the hunters drinks and they knock them back.
Melting iron. Norman Wisdom sits at a table and signs autographs. Close-up of an open bag of tomatoes. A mother holds three sleeping babies. A dark haired man with a beard and glasses talks to an interviewer.
A man on Broad Street, Birmingham asks passers by if they are going to vote in the election. People are disinterested and continue walking. A man with a big beard and a white cowboy hat walks into a bar. The barman sends a glass sliding down the bar to him and he misses it. A man hands a note to a woman behind a till and the wind blows it from her grasp. A man in the street steals a traffic meter. A policeman walks along the pavement, the man returns the meter.
B/w Cubs/scouts stand in a field and scout masters walk past them. Man operates machinery, close-up of gold coins dropping into a red box.
Colour - A woman in a back yard with washing hanging on the line behind her. She is washing in a large container and a roller is next to her. Women walk in a field with small children and a dog.
Sheep and lambs frolic in hay. Firemen in a smoky building clean up after a fire.
Car headlights at night. Ducks in a lake. Countryside in the snow, close-up of a cow in a field. Sheep herded into the cold field with snow on their backs eating hay. Two different men talk to an interviewer.
Sign of British Road Services Limited, Birmingham. Camera zooms in on "Birmingham". Man interviewed outside garage about transport workers strike and resolving the dispute. Interviewer is filmed asking his questions. Interviewer talks to a group of the striking workers.
Sheep in the snowy field. Close-up of a dead rat. Farmer carries dead rats and drops them on the ground. Man in a blue shirt and straw hat works on a snow sculpture in his front garden. Close-up of the wheel of a large vehicle turning in the snow. Man in a workshop, melting and shaping iron, making horse shoes. Rugby match, crowds of people watch. Mischievous looking children grin at the camera.


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