Film: 9614

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A film about new buildings made from aluminium, showing how construction of buildings has progressed and the possibilities opening up to architects with the introduction of buildings constructed of aluminium 1960's

The film opens to neon lights in a night time urban city. There is a quick succession of neon signs, leading to a shot of traffic moving toward camera, with the headlights of the cars to prominence. There is a shot of New York City taken from the waterfront. We then see various shots of New York from on high. At street level showing very busy sidewalks, full of pedestrians, and yellow taxi cabs on the streets, the camera pans up to reveal a very tall skyscraper.

There is a shot of a European church/cathedral with its bell chiming. Now at street level, with trams moving along very busy, bustling streets, full of pedestrians, the setting looks very Italianate. We are in Piccadilly Circus, with famous neon signs and red London bus driving past, the red buses drive along very slowly in heavy traffic, pedestrians are shown attempting to cross a busy London street, eventually when the traffic passes, a woman crosses. Pedestrians walk down a busy London street. We see a shot of a 'big wheel' looking up from ground level. We see pictures of different buildings destroyed by bombing in WW2. A crane is shown knocking down some ruins of a building. Children playing in a long arrow alley, in a built up urban area. There is a shot of barrack-style buildings, semi-circular in shape and covered with guttering on top. Children playing in a slum in Italy, white linen is hanging on a washing line. Shots of a medieval style building with men in period costume carrying out work on the building, including the carrying of timber, and working a wooden wheel to lift heavy equipment and materials such as stone. Twentieth century builder with spirit level, constructing a brick wall. A wider shot of several men working on a twentieth century building site, large tower blocks are visible in the immediate background. A man fits a new window frame into a tower block building. There follows a shot of several very futuristic looking buildings, with jagged roofs and circular designs.

First skyscraper in aluminium, panning from bottom to top of building. A power station, then a dam. Children playing with a ball in a school playground, then an interior shot of children doing country dancing in pairs in a school gymnasium. An indoor swimming pool with a child diving into the pool to the immediate right of the camera, the entire right hand wall of the building is a window. Spectators look on as a doubles tennis match ensues. Pre-teen children entering a school. There follows a shot of a block of flats, panning up from ground level. This is done again, but closer and with some very dramatic violin music. A quick succession of shots of modern designed buildings. There is an interior of a building with a man walking down a long spiral staircase. Montage of modern high rise buildings in urban settings. There is an interior of a mass production car factory, with a machine putting a roof onto a car, the cars then spray painted white. The cars are shown hanging up all in a row, looking identical. Materials to be used in the construction of skyscrapers are shown being made in the factory, and then being added to the skeleton of a skyscraper as it is being built. The finished panels are being fitted and secured to the building. There is again an interior shot of a woman in one of the apartments in the new building, it is sunny and very homely.

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