Film: 9617

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Film from late 1950's documenting the Windsor Horse Trials.

Opening view of Windsor Castle overlooking the Great Park. Statue of a man on a horse. A woman in riding gear takes a bucket of feed to a horse. A man in a tweed jacket and flat cap strokes a horse's back. Two brown horses and a white horse are being groomed for the Windsor Horse Trials. A policeman signalling cars towards a field acting as a car park. A field full of parked cars. A marquee with a sign saying, "British Horse Society Pony Club 66 Sloane Street, London, SW1" with people milling around. A "Sport & Country" marquee. A woman and her daughter inspecting saddles. View of a caravan belonging to the "People's Dispensary for Sick Animals". A "Blue Cross Horse Ambulance" parked in the grounds. A large blackboard notes all the horses and their riders. A mixed crowd of onlookers. Spectators wandering around outside the marquees. Raising of the Royal Standard. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh emerge and are lead to a waiting car by Sir Harry Abel-Smith. The Duke drives the royal car off through the crowd. Princess Margaret, her hair covered by a white scarf, rides by on horseback.

Riders on horseback trot by. A man chats to one rider. Close up of a horse and a competitor. A rider on a grey, speckled horse. A dressage sequence. Major Frank Weldon, the captain of the British team on Gilbarry saluting the Royal Box. Crowds sitting in the stands looking on expectantly. The captain demonstrates the dressage. The international panel of judges. A Swedish competitor on Jouval?, winner of the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 and ridden by Captain von Blicser?. Jouval trots by. A man peering through binoculars. A rider jumps over a fence with his brown horse. The Queen and Prince Phillip watch from their open topped car. Diana Mason on her horse, Camilla clears a fence. Mr Bueller from Switzerland, winner of the Swiss National Three-Day Event clears a fence. Male rider on a white horse attempts the course. The Duke reverses the car away from the track with the Queen giving directions, Queen Mother, possibly, in the backseat and they drive away.

View of the copper horse that overlooks the course. A competitor attempts the obstacle course - a small, white fence on uneven grass. Another horse leaps over the fence with others following, including Major Rook on Starlight, the individual champion at the Badminton Trials in 1953. Signor Ricunio on the Golden Mount. Irish rider, Miss Morton riding Copper Coin. Swedish rider attempts the rickyard. Miss Poole up next on Neptune but falls at the jump and gets back on again. Major Rook on Starlight goes over the 'awkward' fences in slow motion. Sergeant Major Molinari of Italy goes over the jumps gingerly. Action now moves to the farmyard. Then the Stake and Bough?, a steeplechase like jump with a ditch on the other side. Miss Margaret Hoff on Bambi attempts the jump; she won Badminton in 1954. Major Birtwhistle from Lancashire on Yellow Guy. Mr Marsh on Christie goes over the sandpit. Tall Bisk? comes unstuck at this jump and his rider goes over. Spectators look on. Diana Mason on Camilla clears the sandpit. An Italian white horse refuses the sandpit and his rider takes him round again, but he refuses again.

Now onto the Hayracks, firstly attempted by the Swiss horse, Uranus. Next the Irish Bank, a grassy mound with a three-foot ditch on the other side where one rider loses his cap. Sequence of horses going over the Irish Bank. A judge takes notes each time a horse attempts a jump. Bambi does not want to go into the water jump. Men at the finish line. A line of officials, vets, standing in a line outside the stables as the horses run past as a check for fitness; horses are inspected. A member of the Swiss team is the first to go for the jumping course. The audience applauds. Miss Drummond-Hay goes for the jumps on a white arab. Lieutenant Commander Horham successfully negotiates the course. A pleased man looks on through his binoculars. Major Weldon goes next through the course. Weldon returns to the collecting ring past the crowds.

British team enter the ring for the parade of winners, the Swiss follow behind as runners-up. The Queen and two officials look on. The spectators stand to attention. The winners line up on horseback. The British team come up to receive their prize from the Queen, she hands the trophy to their captain and then the individual medals to the team members. The Swiss team come up to receive their awards from the Queen in an orderly line. View of all the riders lined up on horseback. Queen presents Major Weldon the trophy for his individual effort and warmly shakes his hand.

Closing view of Windsor Castle.

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