Film: 9618

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


The sites and itinerary of a guided tour of Denmark as a land of fairy tales 1950's

Titles. A windmill slowly turning, commentary talking about daydreams and childhood. Model of a butterfly below a roof. A stalk on its nest. A butterfly on a flower. A flower. Ducks on a pond. (Commentator talks about Hans Christian Anderson and tells us to "Come drops your cares and make with us the fairytale tour of Denmark!" - funny voice.) A thatched cottage. Another pretty cottage, commentary telling us we've left behind the "modern attractions of gay Copenhagen"! The three spired Cathedral of Roskilde - cars, pedestrians and parked cycles in front of it. A closer view of the Cathedral. A cottage on the outskirts of the town. Parked tour bus or coach in the town centre. The coach drives off. A passenger ferry in dock. Cars board it. The driver of a diesel engine train. The ferrry sets off for the Isle of Hounen (?). A sleek 'modern' train. Pretty waterside village of Nyborg (?). Its oddly shaped castle built in 1170 is the oldest in Scandinavia. Medieval chateau by a lake, called Hesallargagor (?). Its adjacent buildings. Another, stunning, view of the place. Closer. A group of Boy Scouts cycle along a road. The towers and ornate roof of Aeskal (?) Manor beside a lake or boat - quite fairytale-like. Another angle. A white plastered picturesqe church. Another angle. Inside, its medieval frescos. Windmill with revolving sails. The port of Svendborg - a small motor boat crosses the harbour. Prows of sailing boats. Farm labourers cultivate a tulip field. One worker picks flowers. Others hoe. Odenkurch's (?) Gothic church and gardens. Closer, to see the statue of Han Christain Anderson - the town is where he was born. Another angle. A quaint old row of shops, mother and daughter cycling by. Anderson's home, now a museum. View of Breda on the Jutland peninsula, Denamark's oldest town. Children play in the doorway of a house. Stalks nesting on a roof. One bird standing on a chimney. An antiquely dressed town-crier or guard walks down an alley with a mace over his shoulder. An amateur painter depicts a street on his canvas. Another angle. A couple cycle down a pretty street with low roofed houses. Sail and fishing boats crammed together in harbour. Dunes and white sandy beaches dotted with holiday makers. A man on a horse pulls a very old fashioned bathing shed - a 'cabana'? - over the sand, a woman stading in it, children looking on and tourists and holiday homes in the background. The cabana is pulled through the shallow water further out, children still in attendance. Children splashing about in shallow water. The cabana is pulled back inland, filled with children, others running after it quite sweetly. A child in traditional folk costume carries a loaf of bread down an old fashioned street. Two women in folk costume pass cottages. Further on. A thatcher works on a roof. Another angle. An old woman looks out of her window. Outside, we see her 'spyglass', an angled mirror. Her Point Of View of the road reflected in the mirror. In Tonder, a costumed woman sits making lace on her porch. Closer. Closer still. Her hands at work. Closer. Her concentrating face. A young woman in a factory puts eggs on a conveyor belt. Closer. The eggs enter a machine. The eggs are soted by the machine. Women place the dispensed eggs in trays. Men handle boxes on a conveyor belt. Other men handle barrels of butter onto a boat. Closer of a barrel: 'Danish Butter' (Lur Brand Lurpack ). Old family members gather hay onto a cart in a field. Closer, the woman using a pitchfork. More hay is thrown on top. A bull grazes. A farmer or delivery man leads a horse and milk cart. (NB: all these agricultural images illustrate the Danish co-operative movement.) The farmer or delivery man delivers to an old woman. He fills her jug with milk. And gives it to her. She pours some in a saucer for her cats by her doorstep. The cats lap the milk. In Arhus, a woman stands next to a gate. A pretty medieval timber frame building. Thatched old cottages - all part of the historic old town. A 'Hatter's' sign outside a door. Another shop symbol. A loom symbolising a weaver or cloth merchant. Tourists wander through the old town admiring the scenery. Closer. A party of tourists. Rosenholm (?) castle - an imposing 16th century brick affair surrounded by a moat. The castle seen from across its lake, reflected in the water. A farmer leads his cows along a pretty cobbled street. A postman mounts his bycycle, a huge box for post in front of him on this three wheeler. Stalks nesting on rooftops. Again. A large nest on a chimney, on a long house. Closer. A sooty chimney sweep crawls up a roof, disturbing a nesting stalk. A 17th century spledid house, now a first class hotel. Closer, the clock above its entrance. A baker gathers Danish pastry from his oven. And places it on a table. Closer, the pastry. Another baker or chef takes pastries from an oven in a more modern kitchen. And places them on a shelf. Ducks on a pond. Montage of flower blossoms. A woman leads two children towards an old timber frame house and a well. The famous bronze mermaid on her rock at Copenhagen. Closer, the port in the background.

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