Film: 962

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent + Sound | B/W


Margate Kent 1930's

Margate. A sign for 'rock, Gents wash and brush-up 2d, and Cockles and Whelks 2d'. A man stands in an overcoat with a bucket in his hand. The window of a shop selling ices, frozen suckers. A packed Margate beach. A woman and family on deckchairs. A girl dives head first into a deckchair. Promenade with people cross the road and a policeman on duty. Beach scene and family near a sweet stall. Street scene with flags on buildings and cars passing. People sant on a bench on the promenade. Two young women in hats pass. Sign for 'Premier Margate rock displayed on shelves for sale 2d or 6 a 1/- lettered right through'. Seller of Berry's firmer ices, serving ice cream cones. A magazine stall, a woman uses a feather duster around the stall. Women stand in street powdering their noses. Swimming Pool with bathers playing with a huge blow up ball with lettering 'Sunday Dispatch', and others with a smaller ball in the water. Really busy beach scene, people and puschairs. On a building a sign for 'Gypsy Lee', 'Margate Rock' and a shop front. Close up of people on the beach. People on promenade sit watching entertainment with clown. A bed and breakfast house 'Cosy Dining Rooms, Dinner/tea/supper, Trays for sands, Early morning cup of tea'. A woman is buried in sand with her family using spades to cover her. A Punch and Judy Show with children seated watching. More beach scenes. A man preaching the word of god, two other men hold banner and sandwich board 'Christ died for the ungodly'. A Shoe Shine (? And Martins) polishing someones shoes. A car registration no YK5739 parked on the road and a policeman approaches the driver. Beach Huts with ladders. (4:06)

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