Film: 9621

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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A western film with runaway horses and the nasty villain who tries to steal the girl.

A wagon train makes its way through desert with rocky mountains in the background. An Indian brave looks through some bush, down onto the wagon train as it creates a circle. Indian camp with tepees. Two cowboys look on as the chief dressed in full ceremonial head gear denounces the palefaces who have invaded their territory and scattered their herds. Our three cowboys discuss what Old Yellow Snake is saying. Excellent recreation of an Indian village with braves on horseback entering. Encampment. Cut to pan handler prospecting for gold at riverside. Long and slow tracking shot which takes us through the main street of a small town finally resting on the Golden Nugget Casino. Close up of roulette wheel. Man plays fiddle, cowboys dance with young women. Two young cowboys turn to face the camera. They are introduced on the inter titles as Jack Manning, a young Westerner, Scout and Indian fighter (Tim McCoy) and Bill Williams, Jack's pal in Buckskin (Edmund Cobb). Close up of Jack's dog. Jack had made an arrangement to take news of a gold strike made by Woods back to his brother in Hillsdale in the East. Both Jack and Bill are confronted by a jealous lover who brandishes a knife. Jack manages to overpower the assailant and challenges any friends of the man to come forward. Jack and Bill leave the Golden Nugget and mount horses. Long tacking shot of them leaving lodge / cabin. We are introduced to George a prospector who has struck it rich in the Gold Green diggings (played by Francis Ford). George is busy writing a letter when he hears a noise outside. Cut to three cowboys who burst into the house demanding that George hand over his claim to them and leave. A fight starts and George manages to fend off his attackers. Meanwhile Jack and Bill arrive and wound one of the assailants. Bill and Jack save the situation. All three return to cabin. Jack spots the picture of Mary on the mantelpiece. A joke ensues between Bill, Jack and George about the picture. They finalize business arrangements. Jack is paid and given a sum of money to return to George's brother Tom. Jack is clearly taken with the picture of Mary. Jack and Bill prepare to set out on the trail.
Jack and Bill depart from the cabin and start out through Indian territory. They are spotted by a group of Indian braves on horseback. Who make chase. The braves shoot their bows and arrows and Jack and Bill attempt to fend them off. The Indians give up the chase. Jack and Bill ride through a sunny glade. Panning shot through Hillside Town, a small mid-western town. Mary Woods (played by Allene Ray) talks to Tom Woods her father. He is dressed entirely in black. He awaits news of his twin brother. (This role played by Francis Ford) we meet Rance Carter a loan shark. He stands outside the music hall. Rance (played by William McGaugh) is in love with Mary. We meet uncle Amos known as 'Aimless', town gossip and busybody (played by Charles Royal). Rance tries to frighten Tom by suggesting that his brother George has been attacked by the Indians. Rance says he will equip a wagon for tom on the condition that he will be able to marry Mary. Rance takes Mary for a drive in his carriage. Rance stops the carriage in a beautiful wooded glade. While he is clearly besotted, Mary remains indifferent. We find out that he is the guarantor for her father's debts. Jack arrives at the wooded glade and identifies Mary from the photograph he is carrying. He introduces himself to Mary. Rance looks in dejected and confused. Jack relays the message from George, Mary's uncle. Jack's dog growls and snarls at Rance. When it attacks him the horse on Rance's carriage is startled and bolts off. In the confusion. Jack mounts his horse and drops the money he was meant to give Jack which Rance picks up. He smiles. Meanwhile Jack chases Mary through the town / city streets. Good close up of her trying to gain control of the reigns and Tom giving chase. Into he background the townsfolk scatter around. Eventually Jack jumps on board the carriage and brings the horse and carriage to a stop. In the process he manages to avert disaster by avoiding a young boy playing in the street, and is catapulted from the carriage ending up unconscious. Mary believes him to be killed.

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