Film: 9622

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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A silent western with the bad indians and the hero cowboy and the heroine with blonde ringlets.

Indians on the warpath a western scout arrives in an eastern village. He carries gold from George Woods, prospector to his twin brother, Tom and daughter, to take them westward by wagon train.
Wagon train makes off from small town. Mary cries as she and her father leave on a lowered wagon. Jack remains behind, falsely accused on a crime of theft in the custody of the sheriff. Jack's friend Amos borrows his horse and Jack is escorted to jail. Long tracking shot ending at the Gold Nugget bar / casino. An old man with white beard is distraught because his cabin has been burnt down by the Indians. Interior Gold Nugget bar. Bill is told that George has insisted on going to visit his gold claim despite warnings about the Indians who are on the war path. Five Indian braves break into George's house as we see George make his way home. A young man clearly agitated and in a hurry rides into town, and falls from his house. He is taken to the Golden Nugget and gives some whisky to resuscitate him. The man collapses after telling the townsfolk that the Indians are on the warpath. Bill and three friends set off from the bar to find George before he meets any danger. The Indians are seen eating George's food, putting his clothes on and general tomfoolery. Bill and friends spot / see Indians making smoke signals on a hill in the distance. George arrives home. The Indians crowd around the doorway to his cabin. They hide and wait for him to enter. George gets off his horse and enters cabin for a moment he is distracted by his horse, turns rounds and hesitates. He enters his house, realises that somebody in his house. Close up, two pairs of feet covered in moccasins. The Indians attach George and as he appears to be getting the upper hand Bill and his friends are seen arriving. From their point of view on the hill looking down at the cottage we see an Indian runs out of the house. As he does so he falls down, shot in the back. George is starting to lose the battle when the Indians see Bill and his friends coming down the hill. The Indians run out of the house and scatter as Bill and his friends arrive at the house. George is somewhat shaken by events and is helped to a chair. The Indians are seen mounting their horses. Bill tries to convince George that the best place for him would be in the settlement rather than in danger on his own.
Back east in the village of Hillsdale. Pedestrians in garb cross the street as horse and buggies enter and leave the frame. Excellent tracking shot going into jail finishing up on Jack, looking through the bars of his cell. Jack pulls out the picture of Mary from his pocket. Dissolve into shot of Mary and her father George on the wagon train. Dissolve back to Jack in jail smiling. Jack is released from jail and his gun is returned to him. Amos tells the crowd gathered outside that he was responsible for Jack's release. Jack states his plan to catch up on the wagon train as quickly as he can before it reaches Indian country. Amos manages to borrow a horse to accompany jack on the wagon train. Intertitle, "Each succeeding morning found the caravan breaking another camp... to push across an unknown country". Through a glade of trees we see the wagon train moving. Off from stage left to stage right. Intertitle, "Rance Carter who found the gold, and kept it, thus forcing Woods to travel wet in Carter's wagon..."
Rance, our resident buddie approaches Mary. Surprisingly ? she mistakes him for her father. Rance persuades George to let Mary ride alone so that they can have a talk. Wagons start to leave. Rance and George walk towards Rance's wagon. As they arrive George looks at Rance's fire. He suggests Rance puts it out. Rance leaves the fire burning. George gets aboard Rance's wagon. Rance states his wish to marry Mary as soon as they arrive in god Creek. Cut to Jack stamping on the burning embers of Rance's fire. He mounts his horse and he sets off with Amos. Cut to the wagon train. First Rance and Jack, then Mary. Cut to stampede of cattle and shots of smoke. The three men holding up the rear of the wagon train have spotted the prairie fire. As the fire takes hold the riders in the wagon train became more frightened.
The following sequences are repeated in Part Four, reel one. Good shot of wagon and horses hastily travelling away from prairie fire. Rance and George are busy making their way away from the fire. Tom Woods pleads with Rance to turn back for his daughter Mary. A struggle ensues. Cut to Jack and Amos who spot / see the raging fire. Cut to Mary frantically trying to escape the fire. Jack hurries through the smoke as Mary's carriage overturns and she is thrown out. Trapped under the carriage the fire gets nearer and nearer.

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