Film: 963

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Instructions on how to camp in hills. Four lads pitch two tents on upland 1960's

Boys carry rucksacks some with pack frame and some frameless. A slow pace climbing to camp in the mountains.

The importance of choosing a campsite is paramount. The very top can be windy, a sheltered hollow wet and a grassy slope not good for sleeping on. The boys choose a shelf just below the crest of the mountain which is close to water. They remove all bolders/stones before pitching their tents.
Various tents. A sewn in groundsheet is best for erection and when lay on the weight stops the tent blowing away. The tent is then anchored down. Boys put up tents anchored with guidelines. They put rocks around edge to weigh it down. Boy getting water in container. A more expensive tent with inner layer for insulation.
Demonstration of a tent on a windy day and how disaster might happen.
Choosing a stove. Demonstration of use of a Parafin pressure stove. Lighting and using the stove, screening to avoid draught and pumping pressure into stove. Alternatively a Butyane gas stone which is simpler but does need refills. Putting stove on a flat rock before getting together cooking utensils and provisions. Use of dehydrated foods.
A cabbage weighing 4lb on a kitchen scales. The equivalent dried cabbage weighs only 5oz without the water content. Examples of Batchelors dehydrated foods and Horlicks foods laid out on the grass. Marvel shown in comparison to bottles of milk.
Dehydrated potato is common. The powder makes enough for four. Demonstration making mashed potato from packet.
Soups and meats. Tins which are too heavy to carry so concentrated foods. Examples shown includign Batchelors soups, tin of spam and box of oxo cubes.
Drink examples including tea.
C/u of spam being sliced with a knife with voice over recommendation for meat in pre-cooked form.
Dehydrated foods put to soak. Boys cooking in one tent. Food passed to next tent. Boys sat in tent eating. Wearing nice knitted hats!
Using boiled water to make drinks. View of the mountain mist before night falls. Empty utensils put ouside tent with recommendations to wash up. Washing up. Disposal of rubbish by digging hole and burning. Hygiene, boy takes roll of paper. Checking tents, poles, pegs and sides. Handy items to hand including torch for emergency. Making bed. Boys in pyjames keeping socks on and getting into sleeping bag. Boy asleep on his adventure.

Don't pitch your tent on a rock, nor in a puddle! Low impact camping - burn and bury rubbish. Cooking on a little gas flame. Soups. Spam, wonderful Spam.

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