Film: 9630

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Sewage management for Middlesex County Council at the Mogden Sewage Plant in Isleworth 1940's

A film about how sewage drainage systems in and around London work and function so that inhabitants are provided with effective and proper sanitation.
Mrs. Jones washes her hands in a sink, "Where does all the water go when it swirls round and disappear?". Shots of water disappearing down plugholes. A boy washes his dirty hands in a basin. A bath filled with water. Mrs Jones washes clothes in a sink. She scrubs the floor on her knees. Pouring bucket into lavatory. Hand pulls the chain. Water flushing down toilets. Traffic in a street. The inside of a bottle cleaning factory, where bottles are held en mass in large machinery and thoroughly rinsed. House being fitted with drainage pipes. Cut to a shot of a man climbing down a manhole cover into a sewer. Some interior shots of water running in a sewer. A map of London, showing the surrounding counties outside of London, then the sewer system of Middlesex in particular. Commentary states that population of Middlesex doubled in 15 years. We are told that Mrs Jones lives in Ruislip.

The main Middlesex sewage plant at Mogden where a man dips a cup into the sewage to obtain a sample for testing. We see Londoners walking in the rain with umbrellas up, the rain is shown running into a drain. Sewage dumped on farmland. A man takes another sample of the sewage. Sewage in three different jars is shown in a laboratory, the sewage has been refined in three stages. Men in white coats examine the contents of the jars and bottles,

People fishing on the banks of the Thames river. Family feed swans. Power plant for the sewage works powered by gas from sludge. There follows an exterior shot of people in a park with large reservoir, there is a shot of sewage pumping up through a funnel-type object that protrudes from the ground at Perry Oaks, the sewage is a dark sludgy liquid, and looks extremely unpleasant. Dried sludge put into lorries for use as fertiliser. A man's hand holds coins.

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