Film: 9634

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Opening shot of an air plane bomber - sequence of fast moving shots simulating an airplane going over a train, harbour, industrial area, ship being fired at, in land shots, aircraft field, ship being shot at - back to airplane. 1970's

Various shots of American soldiers, close up on young GI smoking, soldiers running through grassy field (Vietnam?). Airplane flying over camera. Machine guns being fired on board warship at plane. Low camera angle of feet running on ship deck, gun fire shots in air. Shot of warship from other ship. Big guns firing. Bomb being dropped from plane. Big guns again - plane gets hit. A different looking plane crashes into the sea. Shot from deck, people getting up to watch. Shot of cruise/destroyer. More big guns and another plane being hit and falling - looks like a Kamakazie plane - crashes into sea. Shot of ship going up in smoke. Close up on three GI's that the story follows: 1). Marine; 2). Pilot and 3). Seaman (stick ball player). Aerial shot through clouds (probabley all aerial shots are reconstructions not actual footage). Soldiers raising the American flag. Various shots of Midway Island. Aircraft field. Photograph of the marine of story. Group of marines in discussion. One marine wears sunglasses. Airplane being serviced, shot of airplane, filling up with petrol. Soldiers carrying the American flag and Sixth Defense Battilon flag. Soldiers wearing helmets and carrying rifles march past. Gooley bird and Albatross. Various shots of an aircraft carrier (ship). Shot of airplane through sand bags. Various shots of different pilots (many wearing sunglasses). Panoramic shot of a fleet of warships/destroyers. Shot of 'other' cruises/destroyers. Shot of warship masts. Group of 'Green GI's'. Shot of ship breaking through waves. Soldier looks out to sea. Shot from one ship looking out at another in the distance. Various shots of soldiers looking out to sea - one uses binoculars. Shot of sea and clouds. More soldiers. More shots of the sea, soldiers and clouds. Small airplane (Japanese but I don't think so). Five planes fly over. Much of this is probabley reconstructed. Close up of plane front and another flying past. Close up of six more planes flying in formation. More shots of planes. Wide shots of lots of planes flying over camera. Shot from inside a car of men running past - air attack. More planes. Soldier looking up through binoculars. Plane flies past. Close up on two soldiers. Planes flying towards camera. Single big gun (machine gun) fires up towards the sky. Several shots of planes and gun fire. Plane drops bomb. Explosion on ground. More planes. Hand held camera shot shaking to resemble explosion. Another bomb explosion on ground. Another plane. Men running past damaged plane - lots of smoke. Interspersed shots of guns and planes again. One plane gets hit. Soldiers fire machine gun from sand bag dig. Jeep drives past. More men running through debris. Fire in aircraft hanger. Weird camera angles then explosion. Aerial shot of plane - another explosion. More fires. Another plane and gun sequence. Good aerial shots of planes flying. Soldiers in sand bag dig with guns. Close up on soldier with Red Cross arm band. Burning plane, smoke billowing from aircraft hanger, more smoke and fire. Soldiers climbing into plane and lifting out an injured pilot? (its hard to tell but looks like actual footage) Close up of pilot with blanket wrapped round him. Various close ups of soldiers smiling and smoking. Damaged hanger, debris, rubble. Men walking past burning plane, burnt out buildings.

Naval ship. Dozens of airplanes on board carrier. Pilots stand talking. Naval sailors look out to sea. Aerial view of aircraft carrier. Warship sailing in distance. Two sailors/pilots crank up plane, close up of plane. Various shots of planes getting ready to take off. Planes shown are possibly Hornets! Various shots of planes and aerial shots of ships below. Planes firing at each other - several planes crash into sea. Close up of explosion by plane crashing. Aerial shot of plane. Sequence shot of plane, plane target sight, plane being fired at, parts falling off, planing diving into sea, plane landing on sea. Men looking out to sea. More planes flying low. Lots of soldiers looking out to sea - more ships on horizon. More planes flying low to sea. Naval officer (in white uniform) looking through binoculars. More planes. Something floating in sea, supposedly a body. More planes. Sequence shot of dive bombers firing at possibly Japanese carrier. Machine guns on board carrier firing. Possible reconstruction of Japanese sailors - one wearing headphones. Shots of destroyers and carriers. Battle shots. Planes firing at ships, ships firing at each other. Gun fire clouds in air. Various plane shots and gun fire. Plane on fire goes down, crashing close to carrier. More guns being fired, planes, and crashing planes. Soldiers firing machine guns. More planes being shot at, bombs being released from planes. Destroyer/carrier being shot at - lots of explosion shots. Soldiers getting hose pipes. Burning carrier billowing out smoke. Pilots on board carrier. Planes back on carrier. Soldiers weaing face masks reload planes with bomb (bad picture quality). More explosions and smoke. Various shots of unharmed destroyers.carriers. Planes and pilots on board carrier. Loading up amunition. Pilot smoking a cigarette.

Photograph of stickball playing Seaman of the story. Airplane flies overhead. Seamen run out to station guns. Seamen preparing for attack/fight (looks reconstructed). Guns being loaded and moved into position. Airplane flies over. Guns firing at plane. Various shots of machine guns being fired. Sailors running around, explosion close to ship. Another explosion and smoke. Sailors at their gun and shipside. Sailors carrying wounded men. Airplane flies over again. Faraway shot of planes flying over destroyer. Destroyers firing at plane. Close up of sailor firing machine gun, Shot looking up at sky - shots fired a plane. Destroyers. Guns. Shots at plane. Officer looking through binoculars. Close up of gun shots. Plane falling from sky. Soldiers loading gun. Plane crashes. Explosion into sea. Another plane flies over. More guns firing. Explosion right next to sjip. Smoke deside ship. Men on board running to hose pipes trying to fight the black smoke. Smoke billowing from carrier. Various shots of sailors still on board ship with smoke. Another ship comes alongside. Rope thrown over. Sailors from hit ship jump over to safe ship. Group of sailors on raft in sea. Sailor falls into water. Others keep jumping to rescue ship. Shot of sinking ship and rescue ships. Ground control GI with paddles directing plane. Plane lands badly - nose down. Shot of plane taking off. Aerial shot of sea and carrier. Sailor in sea holding onto rope - sailors on board watch. Shot of man being operated on. Sick beds. Close up of doctor swabbing a patient. Man wrapped up on stretcher being lowered over to another ship. Close up of a ship reaching harbour (pearl?). Shot of a man in the sea. Carriers in flames. Man in water again. Planes in sky. Plane on water 9obviously rescuing man in sea). Hospital ward - men in beds. Explosion of ship. Soldier sits in bed (narrator tells us this is the man from the sea) next to him sits Admiral Nimetts? Airplanes ready for take off on board a carrier. Planes take off. Aerial shot. Bombs being released from plane. Explosions in water and shot of bombs travelling through water. Ship on fire. Another ship in flames.

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