Film: 9635

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The invention of latex rubber and its uses 1950's

Rallycar racing, bicycle peloton race. Donald Campbell's land speed record in the Bluebird. A BOAC jet takes off. A tractor, focus on the tyre. Successive shots of different tyres on different cars, some as they go by, on with static car. The Entrance at Fort Dunlop, Birmingham. Different factory production lines with large machine. A car tyre assembly line. A tennis raquet assemble line. Women string tennis raquets in Waltham Abbey. Women make golf balls. Rubber boots, wellingtons made in Liverpool and Manchester. A tailor made suit factory in London., seamstresses and tailors cut out and sew pieces of fabric. Fort Dunlop, Birmingham long plastic sheeting. Liverpool also produces conveyor belting for mining, a man runs the belting throug the machine. In Coventry, airplane brakes and testing airplane wheels. A man pulls a molded hubcap out of machine. A woman counts money at a desk, then the whole line of women working in the accounts department. Working walking into the factory for work.
A rubber plantation. Workers cut the bark of the tree around. Workers carry the rubber tree sap in buckets slung from the end of yoke. Latex Research centre. Scientist do experiments in a laboratory. They measure and weigh things. The moment of discovery of latex foam. The scientists turn the foam out of baking dishes and cut the foam to show the inside. The patents of latex foam. Management in their offices look at a piece of latex foam in a grid pattern. One worker at home with his wife, he is responsible to find a use for the foam in the upholstery industry. The Dunlop man goes to an upholstery store to ask about the foam, showing the salesman the invention. A girl gets on the back of a motorbike, making sure her skirt doesn't get caught. Harley Street, the borough of Marylebone. The London County Council buildings. Names on cards are opened as suggested titles for the new foam bed. The trademark logo of Dunlopillo. Hospital in Highbury. Patients in the wards, laying on their beds. The nurse asks a patient how he likes his mattress. London double decker buses in front of the Bank of England. Good streets shots of 1940s London. Ideal Home exhibition in Olympia where Dunlop starts selling their latex foam to the public. A housewife visits the booth and the salesman explains it to her over the mattress.
Pathe Equipment Ltd. Offices. A salesman sells to the equipment manager, for cinema seats. The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Fort Dunlop in Birmingham again. Over a table, men look and pass around charts and accounts. Piccadilly Circus with traffic, especially London red buses. And empty cinema, with a balcony. Exterior of the Morden Cinema. The exterior of the Forum cinema at Ealing. A room filled with designers using the new materials. Good shot of researchers an scientists using beakers and bubbling liquids. The plant at Birmingham. The factory in Manchester. Storage tanks in Liverpool. The factory in Malayia. Workers in the Malayian factory. A map of the eastern coast of North America, pointing at Toronto, Canada and Buffalo, Unites States. A map of Australia. A Map of france. The Evening News on 1 September, 1939, with the title 'Poland Invaded'. Soldiers marching. Tanks driving over a field, possibly training in Salisbury Plain. A Spitfire refueling. A parachuter drags himself up the beach out of the water. The destruction and aprtially sunken ships left over from the Japanese invasion of Malayia. Destroyed factories. The Dunlopillo section of the manchester factory partially destroyed during the war. Walton, Liverpool plant.the port where the storage tanks are located. Different men working in the Dunlop rubber latex foam factory in Liverpool. Fluffing and molding the latex foam. Packaging it. Another Dunlopillo in South Wales. Dunlop factories in Ireland, in Canada, India, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany and the United States. Heavy guards at the entrance to the Dunlop plantations in Malaysia to protect it from bandits. Training new guards. Boxes going to different locations. Aerial view of St. Peter's Square in Rome, Italy. A maid folds blankets at a bed in a hotel room. From inside a car, a chauffer opens the dor and a women gets in the back seat. Royal Festival Hall.

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