Film: 9642

Transport General | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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An overview of the Transport systems of London including the tube or underground train system and the network of buses 1950's

High-level view over London; building at left has huge ad for Gordon’s gin.
Buses passing in front of St Martin-in-the-Fields. Rear of 74 bus with advert for Procea; taxi; Morris Minor; another bus – a 137 to Clapham Common, with ad for City Sale & Exchange Ltd.
A 716 Green Line coach pulls in from left, followed by a taxi.
Backs of women walking forward in bus queue. People getting off a bus. Two men in hats get on. Man gets on – tilt down to his feet. Woman’s feet boarding bus, followed by man’s and the bus pulls away.
Rear of 2 bus to Golders Green, station, driving away.
People milling in front of Marble Arch tube station as bus passes from left – advert for Wills’s Woodbines cigarettes on side.
Platform sign at Piccadilly Circus station.
Top of a request bus stop.
Sign above entrance to Green Park station. Sign for Hyde Park Corner station.
Entrance to Wanstead station, with noticeboard.
Sign saying ‘Northern Line’, above ‘. . . AVIA CHOCOLATE Co BE . . . ’.
Entrance to Arnos Grove tube station. Canopy name to Perivale station. London Transport sign, against sky.
Close shot of Underground poster with caption ‘No need to ask a policeman’; zoom on it.
Underground map. Close-up of map key.‘Piccadilly Rly’ sign over window. Wrought iron sign for Metropolitan and District Railway. Pan across relief sign for G.N. Piccadilly & Brompton Railway.
Way Out sign with pointing finger.
Old Ealing Broadway sign.
‘Flying at Hendon. Go by Underground’ sign. Detail from poster.
Pan across drawing of 1914 shelter use. Detail from poster – pan. Detail from poster, showing picnic under tree.
Memorial to Lord Ashfield, creator of London Transport. Memorial to Frank Pick, designer. Detail of Pick’s sans serif typeface, as designed by Johnston for LT – zoom out.
Detail from posters by three LT artists. Detail of ‘Twickenham by train’ poster.

Exterior of window over entrance to Balham station. Frontage of Morden station; tilt down to car with waiting chauffeur. Pan across frontage of Morden station complex.
55 Broadway building.

New entrance to St James’s Park station.Three shots of architectural details, including one by Epstein.80 bus passes right to left, ad for Vernon’s Pools on side; new bus stop revealed behind.
Close-up of part of bus shelter. Rural bus shelter. Closer shot, showing location as Keston Common. Detail of shelter.
Bus stop sign for 29 bus; bus pulls in from right, ad for Pearl Assurance on side. Request stop sign. Coach stop sign (serving seven Green Line routes). Combined bus and coach stop sign. Close-up of bus stop sign.
Wall-mounted plastic litter bin. Box for staff letters. Close shot of new design seat coverings and arm rest. Twin lamp standard. Up-lit lamp column. Bus stop lamp.
White Georgian terrace, buses passing.
Albert Memorial, buses crossing in front.
Looking towards Shell-Mex building, 196 bus crosses left to right, in front.
Bus turning, fountain at right foreground.
Tube sign for Hyde Park Corner.
Buses advertising Schweppes and Polo cross on Westminster Bridge in front of Houses of Parliament. Bus approaches on Embankment, sphinx in right foreground.
Frontage of Theatre Royal Haymarket, bus advertising Sharwood’s passing to right in front, followed by another advertising Weston’s.
Bus turns into an airport building.
Front top of 2A bus showing destination West Norwood, and ads for Butlin’s; bus drives left in front of us; ad for Pearl Assurance on side. View from back of interior of top deck of bus.Fares chart on board 32C bus. Interior convex mirror on bus stairs. Hand turning a bus window handle. Push button for bus bell, with instructions; a finger presses it. Hands grip the white plastic wrapped handrails by the bus platform; the bin for used tickets.
Exterior of tube train. Shiny surface of train ceiling. An electrical control panel in a carriage. Light above doorway between carriages. Tube line map over carriage window. No Smoking sign on window. A hand clasps the bakelite knob of a hanging strap. A carriage door slides shut, as another train passes. View down the interior of a carriage.
A tube train emerges from the brick opening of a tunnel.
A seated woman on a moving train. A seated man reading a newspaper; he looks round.
From inside a train pulling in at Totteridge station, as passengers get off and on.
Trains pass, between tree-lined banks.
Strap-hanging passengers. A woman makes her way along a carriage; ad for Halifax Building Society at far end.
Train pulls in towards us, at station above ground. Train pulls away from platform with stairs at Wembley Park station.
Sign for Sudbury Hill station.
Waiting room on platform at Dollis Hill. LT sign by waiting room.
Station canopy at entrance to St John’s Wood station. Sign over Southgate station. People in front of Southgate station complex. Another view of station complex.
Architectural detail suggesting electric power.
Train leaving East Finchley station.
Archer statue.
Ceiling platform sign and electronic Next Train sign.
Train pulls away from platform. Overview of four platforms of station.
Detail of Green Line sign on coach. Green Line coach approaches on country lane. Country town street; Valliant lorry followed by Green Line coach.
Green double-decker bus approaches in country road, ad for Westerham Ales on side. Bus drives away in town street.
Front of moving coach, filmed from vehicle in front. Coach drives away through field and trees.
Illuminated Way Out signs.
People walking in Underground interchange corridors.
Bottom of escalators. Riding up and escalator. Approaching the passenger concourse as the escalator reaches the top. People stepping off the top of the escalator. People going through the ticket barrier. A woman leaves the bank of ticket machines. Illuminated Trains sign. Illuminated sign at top of escalator. Passenger concourse, with signs for Piccadilly North Side and Regent Street South Side; people milling. The ticket lobby.
Tilt down on LT poster. Eight details of LT posters. Tilt down on poster.
A man folds his paper and gets up from a station seat; the woman behind also gets up; they walk off right.
A double-decker entering a huge arched shed. LT sign for Aldenham Bus Overhaul Works.
Uniformed man opens gate to Works. Front of Works. Interior of Works, the body of a double-decker being carried on a conveyor overhead.
The interior of the empty canteen. An interior space. A canteen assistant putting down a pile of plates.
A double-decker bus enters the new bus garage at Stockwell, from left; ad for Kelloggs on side.
View up arched entrance to garage. Bus driving inside capacious garage. The garage ceiling. The wide internal arched roof, a man walking right to left.
Looking towards the National Gallery, a bus advertising Crawford’s Cream Crackers is passed by an 88 bound for Merton garage advertising Guinness, and another bound for Clapham advertising Kodak.
The roof of a tube train passing away from us, seen from a bridge above it.
Reprise of the initial London view.

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