Film: 9644

Personalities | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Astronaut Shepard receives a civilian award by President Kennedy. Astronaut Shepard also gives a press conference about his experience as the first American in Space He did a orbit flight around the earth 1960's

Astronaut Shepard and his wife arrive at the White house in the presidential helicopter, it lands on the White House lawn. A WRC-T.V. cameraman films Shepard and his wife as they arrive and are greeted by President Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy and Vice-president Johnson. President Kennedy addresses the public outside the White House. Close up of Kennedy giving his speech, followed by close ups of the public and of astronaut Shepard. A profile shot of Shepard. Close up of President Kennedy. Several shots of the stand, of Kennedy and Shepard. President Kennedy presents astronaut Shepard with a civilian award for being the first American ( on the 5 May, 1961) in space. Shepard accepts the award and is congratulated by president Kennedy. He address the audience, several close ups of the astronaut and of the president. James Webb, Administrator of the Space Agency (NASA) introduces Alan Shepard to a press conference. A brief shot of all the astronauts involved in the mercury programme. Alan Shepard talking to the press and answering questions. Interspersed with the press conference are images of Alan Shepard's training, the Mercury spacecraft, Alan Shepard inside the mercury spacecraft, Shots of the mercury project team. Earth viewed from Space. More training procedures. Close up of Alan Shepard's face inside the spacecraft capsule. Close up of NASA's control instruments registering Alan Shepard's vital signs. Close up of a monitor or screen with the words "Count Down". Another shot of Alan Shepard inside the spacecraft capsule. The launch site (before lift off). The "centrifuge" which provides artificial gravitation, it is used in space training. Alan Shepard is trained in the "centrifuge".

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