Film: 9647

Media | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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The Financial Times Newspaper 1980's

Newspaper goes through printing press. It is the Financial Times. Shots of packed newspapers in bundles marked Paris, Toronto, Mexico, Tokyo. New York skyline at dawn. Montage of Germany (?), Turkey, Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange. London headquarters of Financial Times at Bracken House near St. Pauls Cathedral. Interior of office at Frankfurt Desk. Journalists sit on and at desks. Close up of man on telephone. Close up of male journalist typing. Close up of headlines. Faxing newspaper pages to foreign offices. Inner workings of an enormous fax machine. Smaller fax machines send small amounts of copy to the Frankfurt office. Shot of journalist receiving documents through fax machine. Layout office. Layout artists paste and cut on huge light tables. Close up of fingers cutting and pasting headlines and text. Printing factory in Frankfurt. Loading newspapers into van. Long van with Financial Times written on side pulls out of factory. It drives along the autobahn. Aerial shot of Frankfurt. Tram number 22 bound for Westbahnhof. General street scenes. Correspondent on telephone at desk with typewriter. Close up of journalist called Jonathan Carr on telephone. He is a foreign correspondent. Financial Times Frankfurt HQ office. Carr walks out of the building. He gets into white Mercedes taxi and drives off. EEC headquarters in Brussels with a television crew filming outside. There are agricultural ministers arriving in cars for a meeting. They walk into the entrance foyer. Protestors stand on side with a banner saying something about Young Farmers. John Wilds is the Financial Times reporter. He walks towards the camera with pad and pen at the ready. Close up of protestors. Garish setting for a press conference with orange and blue background. Several journalists sit taking notes from the ministers at the press conference. Bundesbank in Frankfurt. Jonathan Carr is speaking to the President of the Bundesbank about the European Monetary Fund (EMF). The journalist speaks in German. Interior of London Financial Times office. Desks covered in paper, people with heads down working. Close up of editor editing text. Farmers in Brussels protest. Another press conference. John Wilds reports back to the office by phone. Interior of London News Room of Financial Times. Editorial and advertising staff discuss a conflict of interests. Jonathan Carr and Bundesbank president are still talking. Bundesbank president is Herr Perl. Good shot of Bracken House, the Financial Times headquarters. London News Editor, David Walker puts down the phone. He and his staff run through front and back page stories for the final edit. Close up of woman typing. Close up of editors. John Wilds sits typing at his desk, he answers the phone. Frankfurt desk is deciding what stories to use. Close up of typewriter keys being pressed. Close up of pages with head lines. Middle Eastern dignatory talks to journalist. Street scene in Japan of people crossing the road. Wall Street, New York, U.S.A. American Financial Times correspondent sits at his desk on the phone with a can of Coca Cola on his desk. Aerial shot of Bracken House six journalists type in a line furiously. Montage of typing, proof sheets, corrections, phone being answered. Shot of clock ticking, one reading half eight, the other half nine. Journalist has a Mondale sticker on his typewriter. Another montage of journalists working hard including typing up stories, answering phone, lighting cigarettes. In the layout office two men discuss the layout of the paper. Early computer terminals are used to process international news. Close up of red painted finger nails inputting data on a keyboard very quickly. Close up of screen and text being typed in. Shots of Financial Times pages. Information transferred by satellite onto tapes then onto a computer. Close up of computer monitor. Printer points out sheet of figures. Hand delivery of paper. Delivering paper to Lyoner Stern building (Frankfurt?). Distribution of newspapers. Men load papers into vans. Vans leave newspaper distribution centre. An Air Iberia plane taxies along the runway. Air Greece plane in foreground. Lufthansa cargo plane hold being loaded. SwissAir plane takes off. Courier delivers Financial Times to reception. A newspaper stand at Hauptbahnhof sells the Financial Times. Headline reads March 15th 1984. Paper running through printing presses.

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