Film: 9648

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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The Common Market then European Union 1960's

Opening sequences: War damaged buildings in Europe. Tanks. Photographic stills of German soldiers. Homeless refugees. Train lines severed. Cut to fast moving rain. Pit head. Iron foundry. Meeting of ministers from European countries including Belgium and Italy. Production line for cars. Map of Europe. Posh man describes what Common Market is. Basic description of Common Market is six countries in Europe working together. These countries circa 1962 were France, Belgium, Luxembourg, West Germany, Holland and Italy. Common Market set up in 1957 in the Treaty of Rome. Argument put forward that along with Russia and the U.S.A. the Common Market or EEC or EC had the potential to become the third world power. Still of space rocket. Still of atomic power station. Presenter explains the impact of cross border tariffs, on the economies of Germany and France. Custom barrier at frontier. Heavily loaded trucks. Greenhouses in Belgium. Man cuts off grapes. French border guards. The scrapping of tariff walls allows the free flow of trade to be made between countries. As a result more goods are manufactured and prices fall. As a result the consumer gains. Textile company AKU, exterior and interior, based in Holland. Italian typewriter factory. Interior German steel factory. Coal mine, underground. Steel manufacture. Train transports coal and wood. Barges. Common Market Countries, and countries outside the Common Market. Further benefits include higher levels of employment at higher rates of pay. Main problems of the Common Market. Some companies may find it hard to compete, especially small companies with outdated equipment. Exterior Belgium coal mine which has closed because of inefficiency. Train at station in Amsterdam. Exterior labour exchange or unemployment benefit office. Italian miners working in German coal mines. Work permit allowing people to work anywhere in Common Market countries. Southern Italy. Man with bulls ploughs land. General scenes of poverty and overcrowding in slums. Man and family plough small plot of land. Tractor. Cows being milked with automated apparatus. Pigs in pens. Cows being milked by hand. Presenter conducts interview with Jacques Champagne a French journalist who discusses the movement of younger people from one part of the country to the next. Closing shots of factory.

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