Film: 9649

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Cookers and ovens in the kitchen 1960's

Opening: man painting sign. Woman putting lipstick on in mirror on what looks like a studio setting. (Sound of carpenters etc., in background). She moans about how long she has been waiting to film to a strong Mr. Universe Muscle-bound type. Mr Universe flexes his muscles. A camp effete photoprapher screams "I just can't think with all this clutter". He is photographing the cooker. He has a tantrum. Technicians carrying lamps pass by in front of camera. Head of advertising ponders what ideas the photographs will come up with. Mr Universe flexes his muscles to the side of the set. He wears small black bathing trunks. The director and photographer speak to one another, they are ready to shoot. They all discuss ideas for the English Electric Double-Oven Cooker. They admire the cooker and the photographer says its "ever so nice, its kinky, look really smashing in the kitchen". Photographer behind camera. He photographs the model in a glamour pose standing next to the cooker, after showing her what pose to strike. Producer says "no, no, no, women don't like that sort of picture, they like pictures with men in them". Shot of Mr Universe holding oven in air with one hand. The cooker is shown to be on a pulley and Mr Universe is not holding it up! Cooker in street being loaded into Rolls Royce car. Stylish, upper income bracket type of stuff. The head of advertising thinks it should be more unforgettable and suggests two Scotsmen in kilts raising glasses of brandy over the cooker, which is mounted on a leopard skin rug! Great kitsch! They argue about how it should be photographed. A woman comes onto set. She interrupts their discussion to explain how the cooker works. "Gentlemen, women don't need fancy advertising. Women are not stupid". She begins to explain how the cooker works. Mid shot of woman opening main cooker door. She points out features of oven including oven lights oven depth, glass door. She points out each feature. "Altogether there are nine different cooking positions". Explanation of top oven. She opens top oven. Camera zooms into close up of top oven. Close up of woman with a 1960's face, talking. She also has bright red painted fingernails. Demonstration of the grill pan. Close up of glamour actress smiling. Demonstration of how user of cooker can keep both hands free to turn food on the grill which can be placed in three different positions. Includes close up of the three different positions! Woman standing in classic advertising cooker pose. Shots of the glamour girl and Mr Universe licking their lips. Tea lady wheels tea trolley onto film set. The woman doing the demonstration asks her to fetch a pan of milk. Cooker demonstration continues with door opening exhibition. Explanation of hotplates including overhead shot of cooker top. Close up of electric elements on and off. Cleaning the elements underneath. Explanation of thermostatically controlled element including pro's of having one. Close up of pan of milk on the element. Close up of control panel including oven control and automatic timer. Shot of crew watching. Close up of cooker storage drawer. They all crowd round cooker. Exhausted cooker demonstrater speculates on what the crew are thinking. Mr Universe thinks of a mixed grill including close up and says "lovely grub", in a working class accent. Glamour 'puss' makes a roast chicken and potatoes. The tea lady cooks a feast of beef, pudding, brussels sprouts; the table is laden down with food. Advertising man says, "It's a woman's cooker for women to use".

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