Film: 9652

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A film about Barbados, West Indies to encourage more visitors and tourists, showing them sites but stressing the home comforts familiar to them and describing Barbados as "a Little England "

A map of the east coast of the USA and Central America, various cities appear to indicate the location of Barbados, the titles are super-imposed on top. Cartoon impression of the island with blue sea behind. A view of a beach and lagoon. A street with three people talking surrounded by palm trees and red flowers. Close up of red flowers. Sea and waves rolling in and yellow flowers. A group of people wandering about at a crossroad, a women washing clothes in a bucket. Two men and possibly a goat walk up a hill. A line of trees lead down to a grand white house. Close up of house with probably a lake in front of it. Big white government building, cars driving by. Two men walking up a hill with an old red bike. An old path surrounded by big plants, a man walking up the path in the distance. A man cutting leaves and sugar cane on a plantation. Another man cutting leaves and sugar cane. Women collecting the cane and giving it to a man on a wagon. Man passing the cane to the man on the wagon, placing the cane in a pile on the wagon. Man holding up the cane to the man on the wagon. Man on wagon collecting sugar cane and placing it in pile. On the plantation, wagon full of cane driven by horses, heads very precariously towards the houses in the distance.

On a road, a red tractor with lots of carriages full of sugar cane drives past the camera. Three men taking the cane of the wagon driven by horses. Close up of the two horses tied to the wagon. Two men helping to tie cable around the sugar cane on the back of the wagon. Cane being lifted up in a large bundle off the wagon by a crane, a man tends to the horses, wagon drives away, cane is carried by crane and dropped on to a large pile of sugar cane. Close up of china bowl full of sugar, a spoonful of sugar is lifted up and placed into a red cocktail drink. White men and women sitting in a garden outside a large white house around a table drinking cocktails, black servant places lid on the china bowls then leaves the shot. Close up of white women drinking red cocktail wearing a large straw hat. White woman and two men sitting around a table outside drinking cocktails, women places a green hat upon her head, two men are talking. Close up of black man eating raw sugar cane. Black man cutting up sugar cane in busy town environment, men and women walk by. Fade to black.

Aerial shot of Barbados coastline, blue sky and sea. In land aerial shot of Barbados, fields and houses. As if on an aeroplane that is landing, looking out of the windows watching the fields and houses past by. A silver aircraft lands on an airfield, camera stays still as plane drives by. 'Seawell airport' tall white building with palm tress in front of it. White man and woman boarding a plane. Black flight attendant next to the grounded plane. Close up of the propellers of aeroplane spinning around. Man on the airfield guiding the plane with hand signals. Aeroplane departing the airport, moving along the air field. A new aeroplane circling into position on the airfield. Women and men deporting the plane, walking down the stairs. Close up of brown leather shoes and trousers as they deport the plane. Young boy with swimming trunks on beach with spade in his hand, next to him is probably his dad holding a bucket, as they get close to the edge of the sea, little boy gets scared of the sea and runs back on to the beach. Sailing boat moored on the sea shore, black men are dealing with the boat, while white men, women and children play in the sea around them. Three white teenage boys sailing a small yacht in the sea, other larger sailing boats are behind them. A floating raft, that has the appearance of a 'floating bar', a black man serves drinks to the three white men aboard. Two white men in a speed boat speed by, passing other larger boats in the sea. White women on the beach, dressed in a smart white sundress, drinking from a glass, looking out to sea. White woman and man in swimwear sitting on the beach. View of the sea, the waves rolling inland, a white man and a women sit on a surf board. White man sitting in a deckchair, with the sea behind him. Young white girl in blue swim wear building a sand castle on the beach. The seashore, people are swimming and a boat is trying to set sail. Two white women in swimwear sitting on the beach drinking cocktails. Black woman, dressed in red and white servants uniform with apron, carrying a tray of empty cocktail glasses, walking besides the beach. White man dressed in swim wear, walking away from the sea towards the beach, has the appearance of evening light.

Blue car driving down a neat road towards a big white house surrounded by trees. Another white house, grand porch area, lots of trees and shrubs in front of it. In silhouette, men and women dancing at a bar beside the beach, man shaking maracas. Close up, in silhouette of a man playing the trumpet. Close up, in silhouette of man playing the maracas. In silhouette, men and women dancing, both the trumpet player and the maracas player are in the shot. Daytime, two white buildings surrounded by greens, people dressed in golfing attire. Close up of sign entitled: 'Golf Lessons' , nailed to a wooden fence, surrounded by flowers. White women learning to swing a golf club with a white man helping her. Close up of white man shaking his head. Man is placing women into correct golfing position as she swings the golf club. Close up of man smiling. Woman swings golf club and hits the ball. Looking out on to the golfing green, man swings club. On the golfing green, surrounded by flowers, another man swings his club and hits ball. Netball pitch, women dressed in red and white sports kits, playing netball, spectators sit and watch. Women running after ball on the netball pitch, passing it to each other. Woman jumping up with ball, throwing it towards the net, camera follows ball as ball goes sin the net. Women passing and catching the ball. Two speedboats racing in the sea. One speedboat drives by camera, white man is driving it. On the beach people sitting down watch the boat go by at a distance. White man and women sit outside at a table with a parasol laughing. White woman and man playing tennis outside. Woman hitting the tennis ball over the net, added sound effect of ball hitting the racket. Two women observing the game from the sidelines, sitting at a table.

Flying flag of the 'Barbados turf club' , red flag with the union jack in the corner. At a horse race, horses riding by, lots of people watching at either side. White man with binoculars watching from the stalls. Horses and their riders ride past the camera. White men and women standing at a red and white bridge looking down upon the sea, Two white men in the sea wearing swimming caps chasing after a ball. Man in the water guarding a floating goal. All of the players in the sea are visible, one throws the ball towards the goal and scores. A cricket match, all the players and pitch are visible. Close up on batter running to wicket, mixed race teams. A bowler runs up and throws the ball. On the beach, a white family and their dog sit on the beach as a boat with two water-skiers drives by. Close up of white man and woman water-skiing. Fade to Black. Fishing boats moored on the seashore, black fishermen and children sitting in and around the boats. Close up of the fishermen and children on the beach. Three or four boats at sea, windy weather, struggling with the sails. Black man on boat hoisting up the sails at sea. Two fishermen on a boat , sails are hoisted but are trying to get the wind at the right angle in order to sail out to sea. Four or five black men are sitting on a hill looking out to sea. Fishing boat sailing out to sea, having difficulties going through the strong waves. Local women dressed in native red head scarf and dress, outside, stirring a big bowl on a table full of food. Close up of the food inside the bowl, probably fish. Lady in red and other black servants are serving food to white men and women. White men and women eat the food and drink around the tables while the black servants continue to serve. Group of five black men playing instruments and dancing.

Close up of one of the members of the band laughing and nodding his head in time with the music. White men at the table outside, moving his hands in time with the music, while the band continue to play behind him. Three white men and women eating dinner outside by the sea, surrounded by black servants. Wild monkey walking along a shaded old path. White man with camera in his hand, surrounded by trees and plants. Wild monkey walks along the path and then into the trees by the side of he path. Side profile of man by the tree, trying to take another photo. Wild monkey high up in tree, jumping from branch to branch. Traditional guards on horseback, dressed in red and white uniform carrying flags on spikes, following each other in single file, against the back drop of the race course. Horses and guards walking four abreast following each other. Close up of horses and guards coming towards the camera and then passing by . Guards on horseback passing each other in a diagonal formation. Close up of a guard on horseback standing still. Guards on horseback pass by camera in formation. Close up of guards flag being pulled from one side to another. Guards on horse back move around in a circular formation. Black women sitting outside at a large table, weaving baskets. Close up of hands weaving basket. Woman at table connecting arm handles to a basket. Close up of basket being used by a white woman shopping I town. Busy street scene, lots of people walking on the street and the road next to the shops. Many people, mixed race walking along a side street. Two black women selling cloth to two white tourists in the street. A black man pointing out directions to a white couple in a busy street. A market street, lots of stalls on either side and people walking down the road. Close up of people waling through the same market street. Close up of two large baskets full of fruit, one person bites into a piece of fruit. A black policeman, dressed in white uniform, using his hands to coordinate the traffic, as cars and people walk by. Busy road full of cars and people, next to a harbour, so sails and masts as well as the sea are present in the background. Harbour police on a boat at sea, sailing up towards a large cruise liner. Close up of the large liner. Front of the harbour police boat, one of the crew members stands at the front of the boat. Police harbour boat drives past the harbour. Two black men rowing a long boat, dressed in typically English sailor uniforms. Long boat rows in between two large ships moored in the harbour. At a busy harbour, a black man throws coconuts onto the quay side. Coconuts on a pile on the quayside, more coconuts are being thrown, a man picks them up and places then in his cart. Close up of a donkey eating hay beside the quayside. Donkey pulling cart full of coconuts through the streets of a town.

Close up of road sign entitled: 'Please cross here'. Many black men and women crossing a busy street, cars and bike s ago by. A red bus, similar to an English one, drives up a town road, but the bus has no side, so you can see inside. Busy crowd scene, lots of people walking on the side streets. A local marching band parades through town, all dressed in white uniforms, crowds of people stand at either sides. People from a balcony wave as the band passes by. Profile view of the band passing through the streets. Profile view of the crowd following the band as it passes by. A statue, probably of an English gentleman, the band and crowd pass by the statue. In the harbour a small rowing boat harbours against a big sail boat. The sea shore, people bathing in the sea and a boat about to sail out to sea. A white man leaving the sea and returning up to the beach. Two black men walking up a path with probably a goat. Black man sitting lazily in a wooden chair. Black woman serving food outside, laid out on tables to white tourists. Aariel shot of Barbados coastline. Big grey church surrounded by trees. Traditional guards on horse back riding in formation. Cartoon version of Barbados, super-imposed 'The End' over the island.

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