Film: 9653

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Jamaica, West Indies.
With the title credits is a view of the beach, music fades to black screen, camera looks up to tree tops and the clear blue sky. Beach. Countryside shots. Watergate... beach. Pool. Tourists. Tourists on the beach sunbathing, long lingering pan of beautiful woman with white swimsuit.. Beach. Villa on beachside. Scenic shots (mainly of flowers). Close up of black female servant looking after two white children at the beach. A couple on honeymoon, she in a bride's dress, walk along the beach. Close-up of a local man playing the guitar at a hotel. Close up of the traditional food. Scenic views. Beach. Holidaymakers enjoying themselves on the beach and at the hotel pool. See tourists arrive at the hotel. Sign - drive on left in Jamaica 30 m.p.h. (close-up). Close-up of road sign - 96 miles to Spanish Town. Close up of a lay-by sign. Close up of roundabpout ahead sign. Locational shots of a lagoon. Local people at their village. Locational shots. Close up of flowers. Kingston city - see locals and tourists walking around. Local man. Pictures. A portrait of a Jamaican girl, old woman and a portrait of another young female. Portrait of a young man. Close up of a smart black couple at University of the West Indies. University grounds. Close-up of the Union Jack flag. Shots of Spanish Towns. Shot of the oldest Cathedral in Jamaica. Inside close up of the choir. Location shots of the church grounds. Regimental march (Commonwealth tradition.) Locational shots of buildings and a river. Locational shots of land where metal is made. Industrial sites. Men working in the sugar cane fields and banana plantation. View of island. Tourists. ...washing clothes at the riverside. Tourists are on a boat trip (raft). Jamaican music plays. Jamaica at night. A tourist couple have dinner at a restaurant. Night entertainment - dancers and a band. Waterfall. Tourist couple slow dance close up of a clock - hear its chime. Beach. Hotel in the morning. Close up of hotel signs. Beach and swimming area, fishing boat pier (signs are outside the hotel). See workers organising the hotel. Tourists having their breakfast delivered. Bird's eye view of people swimming in a pool. Holidaymakers sunbathing on the beach. Close-up of women. People diving (dive board at the pool). Beach. Tourists on a boat trip diving - under sea view. People windsurfing. Tourists using a paddleboat. Tourists playing tennis (summer time sports all the year round). A golf course - used to be sugar plantation. People play golf. People at a horse race. Donkey rides on the beach, and a donkey race. Shot of horse race. Beach, tourists sitting and swimming. Close-up of clothes. Women (tourists) try on hats. Close up of a cocktail drink. Men making barrels. Men playing music on a barrel. Night entertainment fire dancer, fire eater. Men playing on the barrels. Fire dancer. Close up of a man blowing fire out of his mouth. Waterfall. Tourists at the topical location swimming at the bottom of the waterfall. Beach. Palm trees. Credits over the top of a scenic view of a woman swimming in a lagoon. Music playing.

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