Film: 9656

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A portrait of life in a typical Polish family.

Wide panorama of hills and sea-port of Gdynja [Gdinia], Poland. Apartment block shots. Mr & Mrs Popularz in their kitchen, as he eats and she prepares his sandwiches. Mr Popularz waits with other workers for a bus to work. It arrives & they gat on. People travelling in the bus. Bus arrives and many workers head for the factory gates - trains in the background. Shots of the huge Paris Commune Shipyard [Gdynja]. Man welding hull of ship. Mr Popularz and colleague walk about the half constructed ship discussing work. Mr Popularz discusses with another man. Children run out of entrance to apartment block. Mrs Popularz throws a beachball from an upstairs window. Children play in a playground with the beachball. A young man at clocking-in machine in factory. Workers in helmets and overalls are given instructions. Small group of workers inspect and repair a bus engine. Group of young children and teachers walking. Young children in a playground. Mrs Popularz and daughter approach shops. Shots of them in a food shop, and shots of money. Shots of alotments, and Mr Popularz maintaining his garden. He chats with a friend. Pheasants in a cage. Teenage boys play football. Mr & Mrs Popularz and children watch news on television. Mr Popularz reads a newspaper. Mr Popularz makes up a sofa bed. Girl in bathroom with mother. Mr Popularz puts girl to bed on sofa bed. Girl holds a pheasant chick in her hand as an older teenage boy examines an automatic pistol from his gun collection. Shots of a church. Three children cross themselves with holy water in the church entrance. Priest conducts the service. Shots of a cathederal & pan to main square in the old quarter of Gdansk [rebuilt in its original medieval style after 1945]. Shots of Gdansk - statues, people, buildings, a gypsy band playing in the main square, people watching the band. People going to the zoo in Olywja [south of Gdynja]. People in a park by a lake with swans. Wild Boars being fed by the visitors, Wolves, Baltic Seals, Polish Bison, deer, Llamas. Shots of family sitting on benches at the zoo.

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