Film: 9657

Politics | 1950 | Sound | B/W


British Trade Unions : Explanation of Trade Union Practice and structure.

Emphasizing democracy and representation. High Wycombe. Busy high street: buses, cars, people. Docks on stream. Small water mill (for grinding corn). Farmworker supervising winching of sack (of corn / grain?) from tractor into store - features winch house. View of High Wickham. Extension of factory. Steam train. Signals's box. Man labours pulling on levers to change tracks. Man loading cement-mixer. Electrician up telegraph pole carrying out maintenance and repairs. Type-letter inking rollers. Bus conductor on morning bus. Busy high street. Three, elegant, period chair. Woodsmans' cabin. Bodger or craftsman carrying wood. Operating crude foot-driven lathe to turn wood Chiselling wood. Crane lifting logs onto wood-pile. Mechanical saw slicing in to timber Men in timber yard loading planks onto forklift truck. Man operating circular saw. Man operating grouter or bench saw. Man assembling complete chair parts. Furniture production. Second man on production line continuing; and third man using mechanical. Man fixing seat to chair. Men identified a steward of furnishing stage - all going about their work. Jack Cooper - chief shop steward. Manager at desk in his office seat. Manager picks up phone. Jack Cooper enters before a meeting of the workers in the factory. Jack speaks to worker responsible. Pats him on the back, worker swallow mouth full of tacks and continues hammering chair seat / chair to frame. Corner café, neon light "CAFÉ, CAFÉ" in night. Jack at counter makes his order.. Worker all in jackets, some in caps, and pinafores and groves. Steward brings out chair seat. Man demonstrates that tacks won't hold in the wood - shows another way in which they do. Close-up Jack. Worker listening. Show of hands among work force. Jack Cooper and manager sat at the manager desk, talking, Jack holds the viable frame. Demonstrate the frame. The manager smiles and nodds, Jack leaves smiling at the young workers, drinking tea. Jack pays for tea and joins young man, who is lighting cigarette. Game of cheques on table. Jack pulls out young workers record card, and hands it to him. Hands him rules of constitution of the union, and drinks tea. Uses Chequers to explain union structure. Chequers change into schematic diagram - pictures of factories, workers, etc - as cartoon- up to AGM. Jack and young worker get up from table. Branch meeting. Jack greets other men. Treasurer, at table, collects union subscriptions. Chairman calls the meeting to order. New member (young worker) stands up to be introduced. Secretary reads minutes, acceptance by show of hands. Chairman signs minutes. Man in audience asks questions. Secretary replies. Treasures shows chairman signed minutes. Man in audience lights cigarette - men listening attentively. Second man extinguishes, puts out cigarette. Men stand to nominate, second, etc. Close-up of Trade Union Headquarter. General with (female) secretary at his desk. Night, exterior of semi-detacted house. Woman laying table for dinner, wearing apron; looks at clock (mantelpiece clock): quarter to seven. Jack returning home. Takes letter from mantelpiece, sets in armchair and open it. Scratches his head as he reads; wife comes in with pot of tea. Shows into the letter. Rubs chin in thought, prints letter among. Head officer: papers in briefcase. Man with briefcase enters "WILLIAMSON & Co CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS". Accountant at desk handed papers from briefcase by secretary. Woman typing; second woman placing ballots in envelopes. Postal sorting machine. Postman delivering mail an snowy day. Close-up ballot card; hands mark 'X's' - some for Jack. Vote counting. General secretary handed results. Jack in workplace. Putting on jacket and saying farewell; taken his tools, warm handshake with manager. Exterior suburban street. Jack sitting behind desk. Jack and another man receive an apprentice boy, in Jacket and overalls, and tie. Apprentice boy studying in classroom on the desk at the front a teacher in demonstrating five chair 5 perons. Boys in workshop. Cooper shakes mans' hand and leaves. Factory in town. Factory visit; talking to worker. Factory chimney! 'FORDS BLOTTING' Busy furniture factory. Jack in showroom. Large meeting hall, speakes on podium or stage: AGM Jack in attendance Applause from delegates. Delegates from the floor called my chair to raise points. Press/reporter sir, taking notes. Vote held. Tellers count the votes, for and against. Boardroom (smokey) (General Executive Council) Man at desk in elegant suits Secretary of Employers Council), picks up phone and speaks Board meeting (employant trade unions). Many present smoking, pleading, argument, people make points. Hands raised on vote.

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