Film: 9658

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Dental hygiene advice.

Bowling Alley - skittles at gates 11+12, ball hits them, 'gate' moves back. Close up of bowl approaching camera along lane.
Large models of lower teeth , bowl hits them as though on skittle lane. Close up of specimen of bacteria under microscope. Man in white coat looking through microscope. Close up of specimen of bacteria. Close up of broken and decayed tooth under magnifying lens. Elderly man with hat and pipe throws back head and laughs, no teeth. Elderly woman chats and sews on chair. Teenage boy opens mouth, dentist examines them with mirror and instrument. Close up of teeth with instrument pointing out inflamed gums. Close up of bowl, approaching camera, passing 'through' and then heading towards model teeth but blocked by large model toothbrush before it hits them. Line of dentists examining patients in chairs. View upwards of patient in chair with saliva extractor in mouth, and dentist and assistant discussing object in dentist's hand. Dentist inserts shield in patients mouth to take a mould. View up towards dentist talking of dental decay - mirror in background. Man seated at table, with open notebook and tea cup, placing sugar lump in from bowl. Close up of hand dropping two sugar lumps in tea. Close up of woman putting large spoon of cream cake in mouth. Young woman eating a sweet. Boy seated at table eating one from large plate of sticky pastries. Man in suit seated at table eating round pastry/pie. Close up of clenched teeth with lower lip held down by instrument, and gums inspected by scaler. Close up of teeth with scraper removing tartar. Close up of scaler removing tartar from inside gum x 2. Diagram of healthy teeth with root. Close up of diagram and filaments of root. Arrows showing tooth section surrounded by gum. Diagram showing gradual invasion of bacteria attacking gum, gum pocket and filaments, then tartar building up, exposure of neck of tooth and erosion of supporting bone, tooth loosens, then disappears. Shot of same with music! Women seated at table eating nuts from bowl, stops suddenly and puts hands to mouth. Close up of small section of tooth in palm of hand. Shot of man grinding his teeth in sleep. Set of model teeth showing grinding action. Shot of men quickly cleaning teeth. Close up of inflamed gums in mirror. Young attractive woman smiles into camera, revealing good set of teeth. Close up of healthy teeth and gums with action of toothbrush against gums displaying healthy gum's reaction to pressure of bristles. View up to ring with two young boxers. Close up of bucket with feet in boxing pumps and spittle in bucket ( nice !). Two shots of really!!really decayed teeth and gums. Three people seated around table watching TV, and eating snacks. Woman lounging on bed reading magazine and eating smarties, rapid repetition of shot. Smarties being sucked upwards. Close up of female hand tapping arm of leather sofa. Close up of dark thick hair. Close up of poor decaying teeth. Woman cleaning teeth in front of mirror. Toothbrush on shelf in cabinet. Close up of brush, shot several times showing decay. Man (obviously suffering from decay with cotton wool attached to cheek by wrap around scarf) drinks water. Close up of false teeth being placed into glass of water. Man in dentist's chair receiving treatment from dentist with assistant standing by holding saliva extractor. Close up of mouth and dental instruments at work. Close up of teeth with bleeding gums - before - same teeth after treatment - no bleeding. Bowl approaching model teeth, blocked by giant toothbrush. Close up of electric toothbrush advancing towards camera. Close up of brushes lined up on table. Man placing pocket toothbrush in breast pocket. Bags, and hands handling travel toothbrush. Close up of woman demonstrating cleaning action (eight times). Close up of plaque tablets. Woman demonstrating use. Clenched clean teeth. Clenched teeth showing plaque stains. Close up of dental equipment, brushes, floss etc. Close up of inter-dental brush. Women cleaning with interdental brush. Close up of dental stick. Close up of stick placed between teeth on model. Close up of teeth on model with action of wooden stick. Close up of woman flossing teeth. Close up of bread, carrots and apples, also fish, eggs, steak and cheese. Close up of X-ray of teeth. Dentist placing X-ray to light, pans out to dentist's chair with patient and assistant. Pregnant woman gets up, shakes hand with dentist and leaves. Dentist walks round surgery to window, turns round and addresses camera (words out of sync). Assistant clearing up. Paste being applied to brush. Shot of bowl, teeth and giant brush.

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