Film: 9659

Music | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about race relations and the meeting of cultures through appreciation of music, mainly reggae, using teenage black and white actors .
Sound of rock and roll music being played . White teenage boys dressed in capped sleeve t-shirts and jeans play guitars and drum in a wood panelled room . Close-ups of the singer / guitarist , bass player and drummer . Two guitarists sing into a microphone . The group play energetically . Shot of singer playing guitar and singing , the drummer starts to play a different beat . Close-up of bassists face , he is wearing a red t-shirt , he complains to the drummer about the drumming . The drummer continues in the same way . The bassist in the red t-shirt complains to the drummer again , they argue . The lead singer , who looks a little older than the others , tries to reason with the boys that are arguing . The drummer complains that the group always plays the same music . The band members argue and the drummer walks out , the group call after him to stay . A red and white bus drives past the front of a record shop that specialises in reggae music , there is a poster of Bob Marley in the window . Inside the shop a black man is talking to someone on the phone , he shouts across to a teenage black boy standing behind the counter , behind the boy are shelves full of records this is also true of the shop in general , the boy is the man's son . A teenage black girl dances briefly in front of her friends in the record shop , they laugh .

The son talks to another black girl at the counter . The boys and girls talk about music , the son puts a record on the turntable , reggae music plays . The white drummer from the group walks into the shop . He looks around the shop and then looks through some records . The son asks the drummer if he needs any help . They talk about music , the drumer knows little about reggae . The son recommends a record and plays it on the turntable . Close-up of a turntable , we see that the drummer is now listening to the same record in his home . He plugs in headphones and walks upstairs listening to the music and looking at the record sleeve . He walks into what must be his bedroom there are posters on the wall and a long mirror . He dances in front of the mirror . An older teenage girl enters the room and says that his dinner is ready , he does not hear , she moves closer mocking his dancing . He notices her and tells her to get out , she leaves. Close-up of a women cooking in a kitchen , this must be the boy's mother . The boy enters , they talk about the music the boy was listening to . He explains that he was listening to reggae music . The phone rings and the mother answers it . The older girl walks in , both her and the boy play the ' drums ' using the cutlery . The mother tells them both to be quiet , she is still on the phone . Close-up of a record in a white sleeve , the black boy and girl are in the record shop putting away records . The drummer walks in they talk about the music and the drummer says he wants to hear more . The black boy puts on a record .

Reggae music plays , the drummer drums his hands on the counter in time to the music . The two boys talk about the drummer being in a band . A black woman walks in , she is the boy and girls mother , they talk briefly then she takes the girl into the back of the shop . The black boy asks the drummer if he would like to go to a party , the drummer says yes . The two boys walk along a tree lined street they talk about Jamaica . The boys walk along a street near a park , they continue to walk and talk . The boys meet some other bigger black children , three boys and a girl , two of the boys have afros and the third wears a baseball cap . they talk and decide to have game of basket ball , the drummer and the record shop boy against two of the other boys . The boy and girl that are left look at records brought by the boy from the shop . They play basket ball . A second black girl walks up to the boy from the shop they talk about the party . The others including the drummer carry on with the game , the boy in the baseball cap barges into the drummer several times . The new black girl goes to speak to the couple and the boy from the shop re-joins the game . During the game the boy with the baseball cap knocks the drummer over . The drummer storms off . The boy from the shop admonishes the boy in the baseball cap and follows after the drummer . He catches up with the drummer and tells him he doesn't want to go to the party . They shake hands and walk down the street together . Close-up of the drummer playing his drums in a school gymnasium on a stage . The black boy from the shop walks in and up to the drummer . They talk .

The black boy picks up a nearby bass and begins to play . The drummer joins in and they play a reggae tune . The singer / guitarist from the band sits on the stage listening to the music . the other two group members look on in disgust and then pull out the guitar plug . The black boy and the bassist argue . The drummer and singer stick up for the black boy . The black boy walks away . The drummer remains with the others . City street , the black boy is sitting outside the record shop , the drummer walks up to him but they no longer get on . The black boy with his family , talking about falling out with the drummer , he decides to go to a black music festival . The drummer at home with his mother . They also discuss the situation , he decides to make peace with his friend . Close-up of a ships funnel , people walking on to a ferry . The ferry is full of people as it glides across the water . Shots of various people on the ferry most of which are black . The drummer is standing amongst them on deck . He looks around and sees the black boy . They talk , the drummer tells him that he has quit the band . The ferry sails along . A steel band can be heard playing . The two boys are at a festival in a park , they are joined by the second girl from the basketball court . They laugh , dance and go on fairground rides . Shots of people enjoying themselves , children and adults dancing , most of whom are black . People dance to a live reggae band . The three kids join the black boy's mother , father and sister at a picnic . The black boy plays the guitar and the drummer plays the bongos whilst the two girls dance . The girl , the drummer and the black boy decide to form a group .

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