Film: 9669

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Creative thought at work in industry in the 1940's

A line of cars on a country road. Close-up of a nut or bolt producing machine. Wide ugly city-scope with a smoking power station. Probably unusual view of Battersea Power Station from behind. Montage of heavy industry processes: furnaces; wheel pit; cloth production on large looms; one shot of locomotive production; tractors driving off the production line; a ship sliding down to be launched; a pan across a dark satanic mills; industrial scene. Slag heaps and gas rings in the background, terraced housing in the foreground. A building site with hod carriers descending ladders for bricks. Same site with conveyors carrying the bricks to the top of the house. An apprentice packs a gear with grease, close-up of grease on a bolt thing, then being done with a grease gun, replacing the lid in close-up and through a hole with the grease gun. On the building site, a concrete mixer with men shovelling sand and another with a wheelbarrows. A dumper truck is easier.

Factory floor, a man in a boiler suits takes metal rods from a machine and puts them on a wheeled trolley. Another feeds it into another machine. A roller would be better than one machine to another. Suggestion box in a factory. Incentive schemes for good suggestions to improve efficiency and productivity. Close-up of man putting paper in suggestion box. Welders with shields weld the edges of boxes for casting. A welder has an idea and it goes to the works meeting in the boardroom. A turntable holds and turns the case for welding. Man with visor welds in the factory. He lifts his face shield and thumbs up to the man who thought of it. Three welders with welding masks work in a messy factory.

Woman gives the worker a pay packet. Cases are packed in crates. Hand block printed textiles. A man clips a block into dye behind him and prints onto a cloth laid out on a cutting table. It already has some print on it. A work study expert in a three piece suit stands next to same fabric with the boss and the printer in an apron. Time and motion study. A line of medium shot men file down a corridor to camera. The door closes on the meeting. A new trolley across the material is tried. The printer prints the cloth. Printing with large block in the textile factory, using a spring counterbalance.

Really good cotton loom weaving factory shot with a girl in head scarf. Girl in headscarf with the shuttle. She 'kissing the shuttle' to break off the threads in close-up. A man oils the looms, a whole room full of looms working. Two women work at a loom which has broken down. A girl winding on the spool, bobbin changing. A man with boxes of bobbins pass a woman in front of a whole row of cotton looms. Another woman loading a shuttle, stopping the loom. Close-up of the shuttle loaded. Cotton Mill.

Close-up of a Christmas cake being packed in cellophane. Man scratches his head. Pile of Christmas cakes. Woman carrying a tray, adds to the pile. Two women unpeel the grease proof paper from the fruit cake. They bend painfully over a trestle table to do the work. Close-up of covering the cake with jam from a tin. Rolling out marzipan. Close-up of marzipan on the cake. The jam process is unskilled, she now uses a brush not a spatula, separate girls for rolling crimping and decorating in holly a doilly. Assembly line methods for traditional skills. Close-up of lid lifted off a cake box with Christmas cake inside.

Pottery. Moulding soup plates. Plates on conveyors. Applying the leaves on a typical Wedgwood relief plate. Painting Napoleon Ivy plate (exactly like ours!). Close-up of Napoleon Ivy plate. Women sit at a table painting. Front of a factory building. Woman works moulding the decoration for the plate. A man applies the decoration.

The man in suit writes on a clipboard. The skilled workers are separated from the unskilled. Men porters carry around things rather than skilled workers, that is men and women work separately. In the transfer department. Close-up of women rubbing a transfer on. Assembly line method is used. A steam pressure is used instead of hand. Enamelling room. Piles of Napoleon Ivy waiting. Women work painting the cups and plates. Revolving tables to move on the completed work which is drying. Women paints a jug. Close-up of jug she is painting. Pan across floor of Wedgwood pattern factory with masses of crockery on the floor.

More, more normal shots of Battersea Power Station in steam. Pan up the Thames. Workers pour cut of the factory gates, two nice long shots.

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