Film: 9673

Animation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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June 1953 - the ascent of Everest. Story told via puppetry animation.

Two minutes before reaching the summit they make a discovery - a text containing many items, their leader tells them not to tell anyone. Shot of puppet in office opening the diary of Lord Ned Seagoon from April 1901. The story begins. Lord Seagoon at home on Ascent of Mount Everest. Man brings a newspaper advert to him saying 'patriotic music lover will pay ten million pounds to the first man to sing Rule Brittania with piano accompaniment on top of Everest. L.S. faints with shock. In his sleep he hears voices, he wakes and decides to go for the challenge. He goes to meet the husband and wife who have set the challenge. He begins on his quest, which is detailed in his diary. April 2nd and he has arrived at the Nepalese town of Nameche Bazaar where he looks for porters.
April 20 - they hear the abominable snowman or yeti, who has a cockney accent as he sings and is wearing pearls: May 20 - the ascent is shown via sillouhettes of the puppets climbing. The piano breaks, so they wait 10 months for a new one from England, during this time they are hit by monsoons. The following spring they restart and reach the summit on June 24. L.S. doesn't know the words to Rule Brittania, his helper sings it when he asks him the words. Then L.S. starts singing but is stopped as his helper has accomplished the task. L.S. proceeds to chase him with an axe.

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