Film: 9677

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Burgundy or Bourgandie, France, Europe. Railways, tourists. Old churches, cathedrals 1970's

Romanesque cloisters of a monastery in Burgundy. Titles. A topographical map of France, closer following the Rhone valley northwards, and then again the entire country, A light highlights, Le Havre in Normandy, St. Malo in Brittany, Nantes in Brittany, and Bordeaux in Bourdeaux, and Perpignan in Languedoc and Cannes in Provence, Dijon in Bourgogne. A field of grapevines laid out on a flat plain in the sun, a mountain rises behind. An industry map of Cote D'or. A large flashing light on ? A high speed train zooms past a station platform and then its windows flashing by quickly. Another large locomotive turns a corner along a train platform, slowly pulling the cars behind it. People walk away from us down the station platform, some with suitcases, others with large backpacks. Signal lights in the station yard hang from many wires and cables, behind a large cathedral looms. A train pulls into the station in Dijon, France, the centre of Bourgogne. Another train pulls into the station from the opposite direction. Placards on a shelf for various destinations in Europe, Athens, Istanbul, Sofia, Belgrade, with numbers, pictures of suitcases and different coloured markers in front of them. Sign for 'Places Reservees, Service Train and Auto'. A red car and a white car outside of the station, parked, zoom in on sticker on the front windshield of the red car, 'Location de Voitures', and the Places reservees. A hand turns the key in the ignition. A family in a square in the city, tourists, the girls wear pleated skirts the boy is in short, they all squint against the strong sunlight. Another man walks on a open street, a camera in hand. Two men and a man look up , the women both shield their eyes. The west front of the cathedral of Dijon, a rose window and two towers flank the door. Zoom in on the tympanum above one of the doors, a small group of knights around a coat of arms, with a tree of life behind and above them. A turret added on, ( it is whiter than the rest of the church. ) A wrought iron steeple, with an iron woman on it. The gargoyles that act as gutter drains, closely lined up along the eaves of the roof. Another church, very low to the ground, Romanesque style, rounded arch. A neoclassical building, probably government. A clock tower attached to the building. A stairwell or carved stone, with round curved arches, then the castle like turrets on the corners of the square tower. A decorated tile roof. A Romanesque second storey of windows. A carved balcony railing of stone. The balcony high above the street. Quickly shots of carved window cases, wooden shutters, arched casements and French architecture. Tourist enter a door in the side of the church. A medieval painting of the nativity. Jesus suckling at Mary's breast. Looking down rows and rows of vine fields, stretching as far as the eye can see down the slope of a mountain. A close up of vine leaves and unripened grapes, then a town sign post in the middle of the field, ' Gevrey, Chamberon'. Another sign post, ' Chambolle Musigny, 1 (km)' . 'Vougeot'. 'Beaune'. Fields and fields of vine plants crisscrossing the valley. A stone wall, with a turret behind it. The turret in the corner of the wall, surrounding the town. A dilapidated church porch and then the strong stone tower behind it. A tour guide with a microphone and video. A crowd in a square looks up. A wooden balcony on the upper story of a wooden beam and plaster house. People lean over the edges of the porch. A patterned tile roof. A wooden beam and plaster building, this time pink. A carved Madonna and child beside the gate in the town wall, grapes are tied to the statue.
A map of the area, showing churches and vineyards? A tall spire of a cathedral, quickly followed by other examples of church towers and spires, square or round with patterned tiles. The front towers of church west facades as well. The exterior of the east end of the cathedral of the monastery of Cluny, with a round ambulatory, the reflection of the church in the river. A motorboat goes by on the calm water of the river below one of the many churches. The Romanesque cloisters of a monastery, then the church tower rising above them, zoom in on the arched tower windows. The huge central tower of a cathedral. A typanum of Christ in majesty. Monument over the village well? A fountain covered in flowers. The long exterior of the east ambulatory. A monk, possibly Franciscan, sit outside in the sunshine rubbing his beard, he sits in the cloister walk. The patterned stone wall of the exterior of a church. A crucifix. Along row of windows, over two stories, in a courtyard. Cloister walks, close up of the plain Romanesque capitals on the columns, then the broad lawn of the cloister with a fountain in the middle. The lawn of the cloister again, tourist walk in the shade of the cloister walk. Tourists walk on a gravel path in the sun. The shadowed entrance to the monastery, beside a pool. Close up of the pool of fish. Fountain coming out of the monastery wall. The exterior of the monastic buildings. The empty interior of a church with ribbed vaulting.
'Vezelay, St. Madeleine' sign post. This is a tour of great Romanesque cathedrals. The basilica of Vezelay from a distance across the green fields. The exterior of one of the transepts of the church, then the square stone central tower. The west façade, with its massive typanium or Christ in majesty. A red Austin Mini, close-up of the insurance circle sticker on the windshield. An SNCF coach, white with a blue stripe up the side, behind it two nuns walk down a small hill and turn a corner of the road, children walk in between cars in the parking lot. The SNCF bus drives on the road. The view out the window of the bus of a rocky hillside, sparsely covered with shrubs and dry grass. A calm river surrounded by leafy green trees. A French medieval village, stone houses, with steep roofs, and turrets with small windows, wooden shutters, and flower boxes, the church steeple rises in the back ground. Turrets on the front of the stone buildings , wrought iron balconies and lace curtains. The west front of a church, with Romanesque arches , set deep in the walls, heavily decorated tympanum sit above the doors, The large central door is flanked by two smaller ones, zoom in on the decorated scroll work on the articulated arches, a fleur-de-lis motif. An archer's turret on the corner of the town wall. A wooded hillside with a chateau nestled in the trees. A view over the town's steep roofs. A monument on the top of a mountain, a large white cross, three people stand on the viewing platform looking at the view. The rolling countryside, the hills covered in woods, interspersed with small fields and farms in the valleys. In the woods, the sun filters through the canopy onto the green of the trees and undergrowth. A small lake with a girl fishing with fishing pole. A stone bridge over a calm river. Water in the river pours down a small waterfall of rocks, then the lush green pastoral forest around it. A larger waterfall sprays the surrounding plants with water. Water pours through a rocky creek bed. A herd of white cows on a slope of green field. Flies swarm over the white face of the cow as it chews its cud. A donkey pulls a man in a carts along the road towards us. A farmer mows a field with a tractor, looking at us as he drives by. Small row boats pulled dup on the shore, the large reservoir behind the wall of a dam, the lake stretches back along the river. Three children stand with some of the boats. River cruise boat moves slowly away from the shore on the opposite side of the lake. Two people in kayaks paddle themselves along the shore. A crowded beach, children play on the sand and in the water, people lay on the sand sunbathing. A pathway on the other side of the lake. The reflection of a church tower in the water, then the real town, on the banks of the lake, the cathedral looms above the houses, then the castle on the opposite it. The castle tower. A narrow street with a house with a turret on one corner, white washed second story and wooden shakes for shingles. The castle wall, with windows in in, two large round towers at the two corners, then zoom in on the stick on the side of the red Mini, 'Location de Voitures.' The sign on the side of a bus, 'Savion, Amco Dijon, Service de Tourisme, SNCF'. The bus drives along a narrow country road. A white Grecian statute of a woman reclining on one elbow, she holds a bunch of grapes. Clear water trickles over rocks. Clear water flows over gravel towards a marshy field. The statue over one of the gates through the town wall into the town. A partially destroyed town wall, with houses built right up to it. A turret in the corner of two walls. Leaded windows. A bridge over another of the town gates. Cows eat grass beside a barbed wire fence, then a turreted stone chateau on the opposite hillside surrounded by trees. One of the turrets of the estate. Tourists walk through the gravel parking lot. The courtyard of the estate, flanked by the east and west wings of the house, enclosing the space on three sides. Tourists walk up the road towards a castle partially hidden by trees. One of the entrances to the castle from the inside of the stone, through a tunnel. The square tower and ambulatory of a small church seen from above. Grapevine fields, and vineyards then the castle on the hill above. The castle, From every conceivable angle. Another chateau on another hillside. This one has many turret and roofs, each with flag poles attached. The bridge over the moat, Several of the castle windows. Tourists walk around the castle. Reflections of the castle in the moat. Another stately home courtyard, with two obelisks acting as gates. Shots of courtly houses. Vine leaves, then a castle in the middle of the vineyard. A SNCF train pulls into the station. The train passes the static camera, people lean out of the windows. On the train, A waiter pours wine out of a bottle. A couple clink glasses and drink their wine on the train.

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