Film: 968

Dance | 1920 | Mute | B/W


The roaring twenties when everyone wanted to dance the charleston 1920's

Spanish guitarist and dancer, dancer looks very twenties film star and the guitarist wears a silly moustache. The dancer does a very pathetic form of flamenco. She wears a long mantilla. The same woman transforms into a modern 1920's woman. She grabs the arm of the man and takes him to a punt under a tree, they get in and he punts and she plays on a small guitar or ukelele.
Three Flappers on beach, they wear jazzy swimming costumes and dance and leap about in a flapper manner ! On the beach they have a wind up gramophone, they dance a lively charleston, first one of them, then all three. Very jazzy and lively charleston good long shots. They have a very large umbrella. They dance down to the sea shore line.
Street barrel organ and organist, he turns the handle and flappers looking a bit Gracie Fields style of flappers, dance a lively 'Knees up mother Brown' type dance. Old radio speaker and policeman. Policeman passes an open window in a ordinary looking street and stands next to the radio speaker. He jigs around to the music and smiles excessively. Jack Hylton's dance band play in a very lively manner then the set goes haywire !!! Special effects with the band on a record type turntable with an enlarged Hylton conducting from above. A dippy flapper dancer in a short tutu performs a stunning charleston.

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