Film: 9680

Sport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Sport 1950's

Opening sequences, young woman in 1950's style clothes with a pram walking through a park. Cut to two nannies dressed in grey coats and hats taking the young babies in their charge around the same park. Cut to young man with a pram walking slowly accompanied by an older man possibly his father. Young fair haired boy and second boys ride their Triang (trademark) tricycles. Second boy wears school uniform. Various shots of a soap box derby, consisting of home made box cars made by young school boys. Scoutmaster helps to repair box car at meeting. This particular soap box derby clearly held at Wembley. Cut to 1900 New Orleans car owned at this time by Bill Downings being put through its paces at a local veteran car club in Hendon. Huge drainpipe attached to a 1911 Belare. T.W.P. Hamptons 1910 car is shown, one of the very first Bugattis. Good shot of this used. Brass plate of 1905 Vauxhall car, still owned and cared for by Vauxhall. Good close up of this car with distinctive yellow livery (Reg: MV 9942). Close up of 1904 Mercedes with bright red and white livery. Interior of engine. Small flame under car indicates the 'easy starting device' used on the steam car in production at the turn of the century. Metlosic 1910 vintage registration number: ST 303. Sunbeam Mavis car. This meeting held at Hendon. Mobil oil racing service van with oil products on display and for sale. Bill Morris and his Norton motorbike with side car. This British Motor Cycle Racing Club meeting at Silverstone featuring a handicap race for solos and sidecars built before 1931. R. German rider on a black brown engine Royal Enfield bike from 1927, races other vintage bikes. Ian Gunn (# 169) had one of the earliest overhead camshaft Norton bikes which he races here. 350cc championship race for works machine bikes. End of race with chequered flag. World champion Eric Oliver finishes 5th in the handicap race. Close up of Norton motorbike insignia prominent on engine. Robin Shernes 500 Norton, and Bill Dorrans Porcupine prepare to race with Jack Brett on the other twin cylinder motorbike, in the 100cc championship event. Winner, Jeff Duke seen on Norton motorbike and also at the wheel behind a DB 3 Aston Martin at the BRDC Silverstone meeting. Stirling Moss wins the race in his Type C Jaguar. Touring car race for cars other than open topped sports models. Stirling Moss again the winner in a Mark Seven Jaguar. D.H. Graces Riley crashes and D.H. Downings Healey sustains damage when it crashes into the Riley. Smallest class of car with Dick Jacobs 1 and a quarter litre M.E. win in the one and a half litre category. Preparations for the Formula two race with close ups of the cars. Two heats for this race. Mike Hawhorns two litre cooper Bristol led the first one from start to finish. French driver in the one and a half litre Gordini was close behind him all the way and Ribet Massons two and a half litre version of the same car won the second heat. In the course of the second heat a car left the course at Becketts Corner and struck a spectator. Good footage of cars arriving and departing from the pits. Duncan Hamilton retires at Cops Corner. Maplin winning Daily Express Trophy. Formula Three race with cars sliding over the wet race track. Trials wagon being put through its paces, at London, Lawrence Motor Club trial. Motor cycle trials(early motor-cross) held in Yorkshire. Threshfield, Skipton where the Bradford and district motorcycle club have the start of their annual Allan Jeffries trial. A variety of motorbikes including Norton, BSA's and Matchless take part. Stan Holmes on his Royal Enfield wins the Allan Jeffries trial for 1952. August Monday meeting of British motor cycle championships at Boreham. Australian Ken Kavanagh on works Nortons who won the two championship races at this meeting and caused motorcycling to describe the meeting as a Cavanagh day. Unusual AJS engine RGC Motorbike. Graham performed wonderfully on his two August bikes in the 45cc and 125cc races. 250cc race grid. Early adverts for Barretts and Avon. Kavanagh and Anderson receive their prizes on podium. Les Graham also receives presentation as winner of one race and runner up in three others. Film ends with an upbeat advertisement for Mobil oil which reads as follows, " First again, with a 'green' motorcycle oil for racing and everyday use Mobile Oil 'D''.

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