Film: 9685

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A return to Munich, Germany, changes since World War Two 1950's

Night club scene. Wooden rafters of a Munich tavern, jazz music. A woman's leg with a tight high black nylon and a bill sticking out of the garter strap, the woman lets her skirt fall down, looks very coquettish as she stands on the table doing a cabaret act. She dances on one of the tables. The crowd applauds. A man sits beside a large boxer dog at a table. Couples slow dancing in a smoky bar. A band with a guitar stands on a tiny stage in the middle of a large seated crowd playing music. A man calls across the bar to someone. Women smiling. Another woman sings at the microphone. A man sits between two women, they all throw back a drink and the man kisses one of them. More slow dancing. Another man with two other women throw back a liqueur, one of the women grimaces. Long shot moving up women's legs crossed under a table. The jazz band playing in semi darkness. A couple dance smoothly across the floor. A group of people drink and smoke at a table.

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