Film: 9693

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Settlement of the Mississippi valley, U.S.A. Deep South of America. Babbling stream. Wide expanse of the Mississippi 1960's

Historical reconstruction:
Surveyors at work in the late eighteenth century. Man sawing at a tree. Four men carry a felled tree. Two men work with horse drawn plow or plough on a slope. Village in the 1820s. Men stacking wheatsheaves. People of a wagon train rush to water and drink from river. People walk behind wagons of wagon train. Getting into flat boats, ostensibly the Ohio River before travelling down to the Mississippi River. A land rush in Iowa in the 1840's. A gun is fired and people race off on horseback or on foot or in wagon. Two men ride on horseback with rifles. Two timber cutters walk through forests of Minnesota. Black slave farmworkers picking cotton on a plantation in the southern lands. A white overseer or white cotton farmer directs operations. Cattle herding. Man wearing a Davy Crockett walks into log cabin. He presents a rabbit to his wife and son. Wife stitches patchwork. Man tinkers with or repairs spinning wheel. Man stakes a claim - he hits a stake with his name attached into the ground. An auction of land. Men throw interloping bidder into river and are very pleased with themselves. Sacks loaded onto flat boat. Men pole a flat boat on river. Men dance on top of boat. Man plays guitar as others sleep. Paddle steamer on narrow stretch of river. It turns. Town. Man writes with quill pen. General store circa 1840. Shopkeeper shows woman shopper cloth or material. Woman looks at selection of hats. Shoeshop window. Toy shop with moving clockwork doll. Shopkeeper with shelves of metal work or pewter ware. Man shows woman shopper a goblet. Travelling salesman in wagon with pots and pans on display. Candlemaker. Potter and spinning wheel. Woodturner or carpenter's apprentice turns a wheel so turner may cut wood. Ironmonger demonstrates clockwork spit for fire. Couple window shopping before entering shop. Wagons on plains. Woman and boy at home - she polishes bench. Two men lead pair of horses and wagon. Man chops tree.

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