Film: 9698

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Sheffield steel industry incduing Sheffield plate cutlery 1960's

. A man sits at a desk in a luxurious looking office, he gets up walks around the desk to a wooden case which he opens to reveal it's contents - cutlery, he carefully removes a knife which he holds in front of the camera. Close-up of knife blade, SHEFFIELD MADE is engraved in the knife, the title appears and then the credits - presented by the British Steel and Iron industry. The man holding the knife replaces it in its box and closes the lid, he walks round the desk. Panorama of Sheffield with some housing. The man stands by a window, he turns to a print on the wall which the camera zooms in on. Detail of print showing early steel industry. The man looks at the camera sternly. A furnace in a steel factory. The liquid steel pours out amid sparks and smoke. Close-up of molten metal. Smoke. Close-up of the vat of steel. A worker stands looking at the metal. Men stand looking at metal being poured into small containers, there is an eruption of sparks. Close-up of the liquid metal being poured. A man with a very long-handled ladle takes some liquid steel and he pours if beside him. A gate opens and a man throws a black powdery substance into the furnace which lets off an enormous flame. Close-up of metal being poured into a container. Two men forge a bar of steel under the weight of a large mechanical hammer. A turntable with lots of steel shavings. Zoom in on the lathe cutting it's circumference. Close-up of a blade cutting through the steel. Steel pours out of the furnace. Some shelves with various labelled substances, most in rock form, pan across to a chemist in a white coat taking a measure of a nickel and weighting it on the scales. Close-up of molten metal, two substances are then poured in. A man pours metal into long square tubes. A machine producing razor blades. A large boiler is hung from a crane in the factory. Close-up of boiler. Piles of different alloys in the landscape of industrial Sheffield. A row of men each grinding on a bar of metal with large angle-grinders.
Close-up of sign reading: 'Your Future in the stars'. Longer-shot showing bearded crazy man gesturing next to it, pan-across to two boys eating ice cream watching him then pan-up to the sky. A missile is launched. The camera follow it through the sky until it is just a small glow in the distance. Sky, paned down to a hovercraft on the shore which moves into the sea. Close-up of craft hovering past a tanker. It drives onto the shore.
Two scientists in dark glasses pour substances into some liquid metal. Close-up of crucible. The man picks up a poker and stirs the mixture. Close-up of stirring, three scientists in white coats stand around a crucible which one lifts and pours into a container which the other two are holding, then a smaller container. A scientist locks through on window of a large tank used for vacuum melting, pan-across to a man adjusting some gauges. Close-up of a man looking through the window at some molten steel. A man turns some wheels. Close-up at some liquid metals being poured. The two man open one end of the tank or furnace to show a crucible and other parts inside, pan-down to some steel blocks on the floor. Two men and some steal factory equipment. Close-up of a glowing rod of stainless steel being passed through a rolling mill, pan-across to the other end where the finished product emerges. A man pulls at some of the steel with some tongs. The curls the end of a sheet of steel as it moves along the rollers. Rolls of sheet steel move past. A power station with two large cooling towers. A man in the control room of the nuclear power station. Boron-steel control rods in the reactor. A vacuum furnace with two men working at it. A rolling mill. The latest electronic controls. A slab of glowing steel moves along a conveyor belt. Pan across a rolling mill. A roll of steel is lowered by a machine onto the ground. The crowds of workers leave the factory. Landscape of Sheffield. Landscape of surrounding hills pan-across to show a view of industrial Sheffield. The sunset.

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