Film: 9711

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Film to highlight the danger of dampness within the home attacking new paint Interior design and DIY 1950's

Shows mostly through diagrams how to fix structural problems and damaged walls to prevent paint failure, thus making longer lasting paint. Seemingly dull film but great for American suburban life, picket fences and wooden houses with neat lawns in front - nice Americana

Badge of N.P.V. and L.A. Street full of people. Town scene, car at traffic lights. Large building with shops at the bottom, arcade. Driving down suburban road. Turns into drive of white house. Street sign says 67th High Drive. Driving past row of white houses. Stop outside particular house, "Charlie Johnson" (fictional character)'s house, large white timber fronted. Charlie shown raking leaves in the garden, well-kept. Charlie raking in front of the porch, house recently repainted 5 years ago. Close-up of door to show how good the work was. Row of houses in street, 464 highlighted. Home of "Harry Jones"( fictional character), another wooden house. Man walking in garden of no 464. Man walks towards house. Man scratches at paint on exterior wall. Paint peeling on Harry's house. Cut to previous house. Harry Jones' house. Chipped paint on wood. Chipped paint on wood. Chipped paint on wood. Cracking paint. Paint cracking around outside tap. Paint cracking on window.

Alleged paint manufacturer looking at machine. Man looking into machine- to denote chemical research. Paint cracking by window. Scientists allegedly conducting test on paint, using large machine. Apparatus used in tests. Man with machine (none are wearing white coats though). Paint being tested in "lab". Paint farm set up, to test paint against the elements. Test panels of paint slotted into place by 2 men. Men checking panels, both wearing 50's style hats. Man examines paint. Leaflet " Why paint peels". Building materials and structures report. Leaflet entitled "How to win your war against water". Group of men in suits sitting around table,described as engineers and technologists. Papers on table entitled "Faulty Applications", "Poor quality Paint" and "Moisture", moisture being the largest pile of papers to emphasise that it is the main reason for faulty paint. Cracks in paint. Cracking paintwork. Cracking paint. Cracked paint. Diagram showing how moisture within the home causes pressures that crack paint. Blistered paint, caused by excessive moisture behind the paint. Close-up of blistered paint, popped by finger, water comes out of blister. 2 men discuss wall of house. One man has machine to measure moisture content of wood, electronic moisture meter. Man with machine shows machine to other man. Man writes down on pad of paper next to machine and takes probe out of wall. Engineers sitting round table with plans of house, allegedly discussing ways in which water can get into a house. Plans of house, men pointing at various aspects. Old structure, damaged wood. Cracks in wood. Windows which have been poorly sealed. Improper flushing and defective roofs. Man removing tile. Loose woodwork. Wood at ground level, moisture can be drawn in by capillary action. Diagram to show how wood at ground level can soak water up, which then attacks the paint from within. Row of modern late 1950s bungalows, child out in front of one of them. Workmen constructing foundations for new house. New roof on house. Child on tricycle cycling in yard in front of modern well built house. Men in suits sitting round table discussing paint failure, soundtrack says that garages and unheated areas do not suffer the same problems as heated parts of the house. Man draws on plank to emphasise a point. Man examines a painted wooden panel that was brought to uniform moisture content. Diagram to show how fluctuating temperatures can cause paint bobbling and blistering, on the colder side. Kettle and saucepans steaming. Shower on. A woman putting washed clothes on a line inside. Thermostat, to represent high temperature. Automatic air conditioners. Humidifyers. Diagram of a room to show theoretically that it could rain indoors. Diagram to show that high % of humidity does develop. Diagram of water pressure collecting by wall, condensing under paint film and forcing paint to buckle. Painter painting outside of house. Painter addresses camera, saying that he knows why paint does that but can't go round rebuilding people's houses- cheesy acting. 2 men examine exterior of house. Man climbs up to check eaves and drains. Man climbs up to roof to check tiles. Shingles on roof replaced. Guttering cleared out. New guttering installed. Defective downspout being replaced. Downspout pointing away from house so water drains in other direction. Man tightening window headers. Man places metal flashing on top of window. Man hammers flashing in place. Diagram to show how effective flashing can be to prevent moisture build up. Man painting wooden tile outside of house. Man hammers wooden tile in position. Cracks being sealed. Nail heads being plugged. White house surrounded by foliage. Trees close to white house. Road covered in snow. Snow on roofs. Icicles hanging off roof. Melting snow on roof. Man poking rotten wooden porch. Roof being fixed. Seal being put on cracks. Man points out top of window. Construction site, man carrying a plank. Crack in wood. Cracks in wood. Man plastering wall. Cement being laid, time should be given for these to dry before a house is repainted. Condensation on window panes, warning that humidity is high. Diagram representing paint failure due to condensation. Woman in kitchen checking saucepan on the hob. Kettle and saucepan close to exhaust fan. Man washing hair in bathroom. Man opens window to let steam out. Woman opens window in utility room to let out condensation. Automatic humidifyers beign switched to lower setting. Cracks and loose stones in foundation. Diagram to show humidity in basement, which can cause huge problems. Insulation being cut up. Insulation being added to walls. Man nails up insulation. Diagram to show effects of insulation. Man checks paint failure. Paint failure evident on outside of house. Paint failure on gable and roof. Paint failure around window. Paint failure around window. Paint failure around window. Paint failure on wood. Plants growing against house. Outdoor faucet/tap, rusty and cracked. Crumbling paintwork with telephone wire. Loosely fitting caps on end of boards. Buckled ends of boards. Cracked paint. Man cracking paint. Diagram to show moisture within wood causing paint failure. Old shabby window. Plants at base of outside wall. Man washing hair in shower. Outside of detached inter-war wooden white house. Handyman climbing onto porch. Handyman/decorator testing paints. Crumbled paint. Man stripping paint from woodwork. Decorator spraying paint stripper on wood. Wood being painted. Wooden house shown throughout the seasons. Wooden house shown in snow. Home in snowstorm. Soundtrack says slogan of paint industry is "save the surface and you save all". Home in warmer weather.

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