Film: 9713

Road Transport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Car manufacture and testing. especially the V8, by the Ford motor company in the 1930's.

Film emphasises the accuracy of manufacture and inspection and shows 1936 Fords being tested in a rural setting, probably the Devon moors. Convoy of four Ford cars of British manufacture cross a narrow stone bridge in hilly wooded scenery. Cars continue up rough stoney road up hill through trees. Johanson gauge blocks in a tray being picked up and fitted together. There accuracy being tested on a Brook level comparator by engineer in white coat. Gauge being turned and spirit level being observed. Block of gauges with crank shaft in background. Crank shaft being inspected on work bench, bearing measurements being taken. Worker balancing crankshaft on machinery. Crank shaft operating. Crank shaft smoothness test, with engine running a glass tumbler is filled with water. Dashboard of car, starter being turned. Close up of glass showing lack of ripples on water. Glass placed on radiator of Ford V8. Close up of glass. Machinery being set for the manufacture of a cam shaft. Cam shaft bearings being checked with gauges, turned manually. Cams being checked with a gauge. Contour of cams being checked for accuracy. Engine valves being checked. Close up of gauge. Valve being turned manually. Close up of 'cut away' engine showing cam shaft turning and moving valves up and down. Ford Popular viewed from the rear driving down open moorland road. V8 passing by on rural road. View from the drivers seat as driving down a hill in countryside. Fords driving through narrow lane bordered by tall bushes. Convoy of Fords climbing steep rural road. Close up of con rod manufacture, Johanson gauge being used to check 'big end' and 'small end' bearings. Inspector checking them on a bench mounted gauge. Pistons being inspected on bench mounted gauge, numerous dials. Inspector with stack of pistons, gauge, and weighing scales. Cut away of Ford side valve engine showing piston in operation. Ford Popular in a London street pulling away from a junction, 'Watneys Ale' steam wagon in sight. Ford Deluxe driving down tree lined road, viewed from behind. V8 accelerating away down hill on rural road. Gears being placed in a milling machine. View of machine shop, components carried on overhead conveyor, machinists at work. Gear wheel being cut. Row of cutting machines in operation. Gear being removed and checked for fit. View of needle gauge. Gear wheels being turned manually. View of hand moving gear stick in car. Close up of 'cut away' gearbox in operation, synchromesh working. View of gear stick pan across to moving road. Ford climbing up steep bridle way through a wood. Close up of Popular taking bends on stoney track. Deluxe on the same bridle way. V8 repeating the task. Close up and low down shots of cars climbing bridle way. Deluxe tourer bouncing up rough rural tree lined track. Man in car viewed in cockpit restarting car and getting out to view from ahead, climbs back in engages gear and drives away up hill. Car drives over brow of hill. Close up of steering mechanism. 'Cut away' steering box in operation. Front view of V8. Man in white coat drives car at speed between white posts in a grass field. 'Worms eye' view of V8 passing overhead. Deluxe tourer with two white coated men aboard driven through posts, and turns at speed. Line of five Fords turning in unison in grass field. Deluxe driven on rural road, sign for 'Ye Yarcombe Inne'. Cars sweeping up hill taking series of corners. View of road, hedgerows in rural setting from drivers view. Fords taking tight corner on open moorland road. Worker fitting drum brake to rear axle. Close up of drum brake, shoes in operation. Drum brake being fitted to front axle, nut tightened by machine. Popular passing and stopping, woman driver has both hands up through the sunroof. Close up of her pushing the brake and clutch pedals simultaneously. V8 stopping on country road. Men driving Deluxe tourer stop on bridle way then pull away up hill. Factory shot of workers riveting car chassis. Close up of rivet gun at work. Chassis being inspected on inspection bench, measurements checked on a plan. Chassis being checked for squareness. Front view of Popular with one front wheel mounting a block. Close up of axle and transverse spring. Car door is opened and closed. Close up of cars driving over wooden blocks. 'Worms eye' view, in slow motion then full speed. Distant view of the cars driving over the blocks. V8 taking a ramp at speed in an open grass field, towards and past the camera. 'Worms eye' view of the same test. Popular with men in suits standing on both running boards, eight passengers in total, driving across field. View inside factory of unpainted car bodies suspended on overhead conveyor. Workers lift unpainted body and place it on chassis. Man sets up welding apparatus against car body. Close up of spot welding of roof panel. Inner wheel arch panel is spot welded. Man in protective clothing arc welds. Man in protective clothing uses angle grinder to smooth body panel. Deluxe approaches camera at speed down straight road, passes over the camera. Deluxe leaps small hump back bridge, camera on landing side. Same event filmed from low angle. Repeated another angle. Three quarter view of static V8. Car shown on a wooden ramp, close up of wheels on the edge. V8 approaching ramp at speed and leaping off it, landing towards the camera. Same event filmed from the side. Repeated at speed numerous times then repeated in slow motion from various angles. Close up of Johanson gauge. Popular approaching camera up a steep rough track through heavily wooded area. Same event but filmed with car passing and driving away. repeated with Deluxe and V8. Road junction on top of open moor, five cars approaching on different roads, ponies and decorative marker post in shot. Close up of V8 at junction. Close up of Deluxe. Close up of Popular. Cars pull across a road junction. Aerial view of factory 'FRY' in large letters. Ground view of the Firestone factory, art deco styling. View of the Hoover building, art deco styling. Close up of entrance portico ,'Hoover Limited' carved on top. Side view of Ford panel van with 'THE STAR' logo on the side. Ford van driven through narrow city street, tall office buildings either side, probably city of London. View of large thirties styled building 'W.H.Smith & Son' written on it. Vans reverse against a warehouse, viewed from a high angle. Close up of front of vans in row. Vans pulling away in convoy past others. Ford cars approach camera down straight road and stop side by side. A 1937 Ford V8 follows and closes upon camera, no commentary. The End, a decorative V8 logo and horizontal barred grill in background.

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