Film: 9717

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Hoovers, Vacuum Cleaners and salesmen 1950's

Rather artificial looking suburban street scene at night. Woman sits by the fire in a sitting room knitting. Peggy Bates puts the knitting in a work basket and tidies the newspaper and yawns. George Bates writes at a desk with his brief case. Peggy takes the ashtray from the desk. The commentary takes the parts in row or quarrel over homework and paperwork. Wife leans over husband complaining there is no time. George is going to bed. Peggy comes out of the house in an apron with George's briefcase and umbrella. George follows. He takes them, puts on his hat, leaves, then returns to kiss her on the cheek. She waves and enters the house. He runs and jumps on the bus. George sits in a train compartment. He looks at his diary while in his seat. George opens his newspaper and reacts. Headline, "Husband never knew other man existed". He looks worried. Photo of Peggy. Exterior of suburban house. Woman kisses man in sitting room then hoovers the carpet. Close up of finger on the door bell. Butcher's boy in stripped apron is doing a delivery round. Packages are handed to the wife and the boy makes a list for tomorrow. Old lady in a hat sits and talks to Peggy, asking for 9d an hour to work for her. A hollow laugh from the commentary as the wages and prices of before the war are mentioned. Peggy comes in the front door in her coat and hat with a basket with her shopping. Peggy on the phone to the grocer. Peggy hoovering the picture rail. Tennis court. Keep fit class (one shot). George in photograph in RAF. She hoovers again. Two school girls in uniform, she kisses them and carries on hoovering the carpet. Housewife looks at herself in the mirror while she hoovers the picture rail again. George arrives in his office. George in his office on the phone. He leaves the office quickly after making an excuse. Close up of a clock on the mantelpiece reaching three o' clock. Finger on the buzzer in close up. The door to door salesman has arrived. The salesman dismantles her hoover on the sitting room carpet. George lets himself in quietly and creeps in the hall. Peggy talks about loyalty to her hoover while George in the hall thinks she is leaving him. She takes off his coat. The three have tea. Close up of the head of hoover removing different types of dirt on a carpet. It is proven that suction on your vacuum cleaner is not enough and beating is necessary. The hoover has brushes. The dirt is then removed. Lots of hoover head shots. Graphic to show the action. The old model and new model are shown putting on the cleaning tool attachments and emptying the hoover bag onto newspaper. The new one also has a search light on the front! Cylinder type vacuum cleaner. The Junior model and the Dustette models. Peggy likes the way you switch it on with your foot. Radios compared when George says why replace the hoover when old one is working. Over night trial suggested. George cleans a standard lamp with the hoover, the sofas and books. George and Peggy cuddle. "A new hoover gives her a fresh interest in the home". George phones their friends. Peggy has a renewed interest in cooking. Peggy points at his diary, "Who is HC?", it's hair cut. Close up of clock saying four o'clock. Time saved for woman to devote to leisure, their children, to their husbands. Couple look in window with Hoover products.

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