Film: 9719

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Office Management Training. People walk up and down in front of a U.S.A. department store 1957

There are taxis parked outside. Pan up the front of the building, to a window. A man sits at a desk writing. Another office worker in a suit walks passed typist and sits by manager. He passes file to secretary. Secretary sits at a desk. Secretary on the escalator of the shop. The staff canteen, at the counter and tables. The two men talk at a table. One man says he is unhappy and been offered a job in Chicago. He is leaving because of the treatment he is getting, same job, and same salary. Top management makes him feel like a school child. The buyer wants the manager off his back. Man in camera department. The manager and buyer need to talk but the manager brushes him off and rushes to a meeting. Secretary loads typewriter with paper. Secretary reports the buyer's conversation with the manager. Manager paces the office. Manager tells secretary to write a report on the issue and leaves. Close up of secretary looking worried. Board Meeting breaks up. Manager explains situation to colleague. "We aren't running a country club around here". "Bring him in straighten him out". Buyer is behaving like a prima donna. Manager says I suppose so.

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