Film: 9722

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Reconstruction of the life of Christopher Columbus 1950's

A table with candle, hourglass and book on it. A hand opens the book. A sketch of men fighting. The war they're in is indeterminable. The narrator says "Let's turn back the pages of history" as he turns back pages in the book. Sketch of American Revolutionary War Soldiers. Picture of Pilgrim Fathers meeting a Native American or Red Indian. Sketch of Columbus and sailors. Sketch of a 15th century European sea port. Ships in the harbour. Page goes blank. Animated drawing of Lisbon. Ships at the dock. Ship off horizon, A man getting of a ship. Goods and a sailor on the dock. Christopher Columbus goes to find his brother. Sketch of Christopher with his brother looking at a map. A map of the known part of Africa. At the bottom there is a sea monster. Animated hand on map for a moment. Sea monster attacking a ship. Columbus looking out of a window toward the sea. A ship moves in the background. Columbus. He wants money. Map of Africa showing route of Portuguese explorers or merchants. Map moves to show Southern Asia - India, China, Spice Islands. Trade routes shown on map. Arab (?) street scene, carpet seller, camels, man on donkey. Two men talking. Map of Asia again. Scimitar on map. Rise of Islam meant lack of trade with the Far East - robbers on land, pirates at sea. Columbus and his brother. Map of Africa - Columbus says it may be quicker to get to India by going West from Europe. Columbus and his brother . Columbus argues the world is round and thus he wants to save time by sailing west from Portugal. Columbus looking at a ship through a telescope. Columbus obsessed by need to find the Indies by sailing west. Columbus presents his plan to the King of Portugal. The King's advisers. Diagrams of the earth - the advisers thought the earth was larger than Columbus did. King of Portugal and Columbus. The King turns him down.
Columbus, his brother, a donkey and a boy holding the donkey. He is going to seek another sponsor.. The book - new chapter in Columbus' life. Columbus, his son on donkey, and donkey on road through the trees. The court of Ferdinand and Isabella. They say not yet because they are fighting the Moors in the South of Spain. Columbus talking to a monk by a fountain. He waited eight years to get an answer from Ferdinand and Isabella. Columbus at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella. He makes some extravagant demands. Scenes round the court. He has asked too much.
Columbus, his son and donkey heading along road for France. A messenger from the monarchs overtakes him. Soldiers and staircase at the court. A friend has persuaded the King and Queen. Columbus gets his sponsor.
Another new chapter in Columbus's life. Columbus on board one of the three ships he took, which are in the background, the Nina, the Santa Maria and the Pinta. Columbus orders a course to the Canary Islands. The helmsman responds. Sailors in a ship's rigging. A ship about to go over the edge of the world. Sea monster rising out of the sea by a s hip. Men working on board a ship. Picture of Columbus's ships. The Santa Maria was 117 feet long, the Nina and the Pinta about 50 feet. A man in the rigging of one of the ships. The Pinta breaks its rudder. A man repairing it at sea. Map of Columbus's voyage so far. He has reached the Canary Islands.
Sailors loading a ship. The map, showing the currents in the Atlantic. Columbus luckily got help from these currents. Looking down toward the prow of a ship from the rigging. A sailor sitting by some rope wondering if the wind always blows west, how will they get home? A man in the crow's nest. Restless sailors. A bird above the ocean. A pelican on a ship. Columbus with some sailors watches it. Billowing sails. A sailor pointing towards birds. A ship is in the background. Columbus in his cabin writing in his log. A page from his log. A sailor looking for land. Another ship in the background. Someone on the Pinta shouts Land Ho! Columbus looking toward where the Pinta claims to have seen land. A sailor staring forwards. False alarm. Sea birds. A crab found floating in seaweed. Despondent sailors. Columbus in his cabin. Angry sailors facing Columbus. Columbus demands three days in which to see if there is land. Things they found - a log in the sea, a green twig, a piece of carved wood. Again the Pinta spots land. Sailors giving thanks to God. A picture of an islands. Indians watch from a distance as the Spanish land. Spaniards on land as seen from one of the ships. Pictures of Columbus and sailors.

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